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Is it worth it? June 20, 2009

Posted by Hydy in alkaline.
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So, it’s only been two and a half weeks, and I’m wondering, is it worth it? I have no problems with the fact that I need to eat Better food. I mean, before I started doing this, green things were only an Occasional part of my diet. Granted, they’d become a more present part lately, but still, I didn’t generally have them at home, certainly not every day. So yeah, I get that I need to eat better.

But the last couple days there have been cookies at work, and I admit to eating a few crumbs(maybe half a cookie total), but it got me thinking. I want to enjoy life, not deprive myself of things I want. I want to be healthier, that was the whole point of this change, but not at the expense of happiness. I still intend to give it a full month before making any changes, but I’m pretty sure at this point that there will be changes. So I’ll finish this detox-ish month and see where to go from there.

I don’t want to feel guilty for occasionally wanting a cookie. Or for wanting to eat some regular, homemade, not chemically processed bread. I don’t want to have to pay ten times the price for a box of pasta, but I’m okay with not eating a Lot of pasta. And fruit, I really think I ought not feel guilty about eating fresh fruit.

I do think I should avoid the things that upset my stomach, keep away from dairy and eggs, and ham and peanut butter. I’m considering seeing if almond butter or some such is a good substitute.  I do think I should stay away from processed foods with ingredients I cannot pronounce and not eat a Lot of sugar. I do think I should continue to buy fresh green things, and eat salads and veggies as a bigger portion of my meals. But there has to be a balance.


1. Mike - June 22, 2009

Ah, the deprive conversation.

Every dieter knows it well. It looks like it costs you something to eat well. Then at some point around week seven everything shifts, and you finally get some contrast in how you feel in your own skin. Then you get the cost of eating crap.

But to a dieter, this is much like explaining a rainbow. Better to keep on keeping on through the storm and actually experience the rainbow.

At first, running (as exercise) is a chore. Tedious. Achy. Tiring. Then at some point it turns into a pleasure, a kick, a runner’s high. That seldom happens in the first few weeks. It takes re-training the nervous system.

And there are ways to make cookie crumbs appear to be gerbil turds… and those same methods can make wheatgrass juice appear as pleasurable as warm buttered bread from Outback. We haven’t even touched on that yet. 🙂

2. Hydy - June 22, 2009

Yeah, you mentioned that, but what if i don’t want cookie crumbs to appear as gerbil turds? ;P

3. Mike - June 24, 2009

Hmmm. Why indeed would anyone want cookie crumbs to appear as gerbil turds?

Let’s say (because it’s true) that the antifreeze in your car is super sweet to the taste, way better than a cookie. But do you want to drink it? Or do you want it to appear as poison?

To a dog, antifreeze spilled on the driveway does not appear as poison. The poor dog will lap it up. And the effects don’t happen right away. A couple weeks later he’s dead from kidney failure, or he’s on dialysis (no kidding).

Now let’s say (because it’s true) that we are smarter than dogs. We know the long term effect of consuming cookie crumbs, even though they taste so sweet.

But the poisonous effect is delayed. We can eat cookie crumbs for years before it builds up to a problem that gets our attention.

So it might serve us to have antifreeze and cookie crumbs to appear toxic, even though the damage from consuming them is… delayed.

Similarly it might serve us to have raw green goodness to appear delicious.

4. Hydy - June 25, 2009

My Dad drank a whole glass of antifreeze once by accident… but that’s not the point. I’m on board with the making the raw green goodness appear delicious… but I just can’t yet view small amounts of sugar as poison. Chemically processed sugar, and cookies with all sorts of random chemicals, maybe… but come on, Ginger O’s… they’re so yummy! 😉

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