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So Much To Do September 8, 2011

Posted by Hydy in life.
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After being unmotivated last week, I’ve spent most of this week editing The Legacy of Heroes Game Master Guide. It’s been quite educational for me. Except for one stint at a very strange, but entertaining Vampire game, I’ve never had reason to read a GM’s book or a Monster book before, and this one is both in one. Really enjoying this project, and the humorous touches that Vinnie et al included in this book.

We had a nice relaxed celebration of Rich’s birthday this past weekend. A couple nice meals, some Dr Who and Torchwood. Didn’t get to go rollerblading again, due to wet weather, but we had a good time even so.

I purchased a new domain this week as well, and set up a new webhosting account with HostGator. In the coming weeks, I will be creating a portfolio there. First a demo WordPress site, then a demo Drupal site, then a demo Joomla site. After that, I’ll be studying PHP and MySQL to see what I can learn to enhance my knowledge of these systems. At some point after that, I may do a Wiki demo, too. This is not something I want to turn into a huge business, but it is something I’d like to do as one of my streams of income.

On the income note, I’ve been doing a bit of job searching, but not much, due to the large amounts of editing I left myself for this week. Next week, I’ll start putting together applications and start applying if I can find the types of jobs I want. According to my Plan, official deadline for applying to jobs is the 24th of this month.

I’ve also got a couple of story ideas floating around in my head, but they haven’t come rushing to the front quite yet. Health is doing pretty well. No major issues lately, just the usual. Life is good, and so full of opportunity and love.



1. Mike - September 9, 2011

Hi Hydy

You don’t mention if you already know Drupal, or whether you are a relative newcomer like myself? First off, it is a really outstanding CMS, albeit with a very steep learning curve.
Totally absorbing and the subject of long hours and gallons of midnight oil (coffee) over the past few months.

I am not sure if your HostGator account is shared hosting or dedicated… There are a few pitfalls hosting Drupal on shared hosting, which may require intervention by your hosting ISP as the server configuration may need adjusting through php settings file. Which will usually not be accessible on shared hosting as it affects all sites hosted on the server (but I have an idea HostGator is Drupal friendly)

Most importantly, is the server memory allocation (RAM) Drupal NEEDS at the very least 100MB of RAM unless the build is very basic (core modules only). When I installed Drupal on graphicline.co.za it crashed immediately (only 32MB memory, which my ISP upgraded for me to 100M on request).

The other thing is deciding which version: Drupal 6 is mature with lots of add on modules available, while Drupal 7 is young, and many modules are in development or Beta (graphicline.co.za is Drupal 7)

If you are already familiar with the systems mentioned, accept my apologies for ‘butting-in’. Drupal fundis have a reputation for being unsupportive to new-comers, unlike WordPress with it’s very friendly community.

If new to these systems, you have set yourself a wonderful challenge taking on Drupal, WordPress and Joomla in a short period of time…

I am doing the same thing… working with Drupal 6 on a local server, 7 on a live site, WordPress on a local server, and shortly will also go live with WordPress on my graphicline domain. I haven’t got down to Joomla yet, that is coming later in the year.

All the best, above all enjoy the process; it really is satisfying!


Hydy - September 10, 2011

Hiya Mike

First, thanks for the input. I am new to Drupal and Joomla! and have just started researching both. HostGator has quick install buttons for both (and many more things) in their control panel. Just checking out the quick installs with WordPress, it made the admin user account’s username admin without asking, so I may not be using the quick buttons, but they are definitely Drupal friendly there. 😉 I did notice the 6 vs 7 issue, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do there, possibly both? I figure I’ll get my feet wet and see what CMS is most intuitive and useful to me, and then decide where to go from there.

Thanks again,

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