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Family Vacation August 23, 2012

Posted by Hydy in life.
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Had a really nice trip out to Maine to see my Dad’s family. Well, the visit was nice, the trip itself was ridiculously long. I misunderstood which roads to take, and our drive out took two extra hours, through lots of construction and over the George Washington Bridge in NYC. The drive back was much easier, and much less expensive.

Spent a nice three days listening to Grandpa, Dad and my uncles all tell stories of younger days. And my cousins talking about their growing families and plans.  My little cousins aren’t so little anymore. One of them shot up to 6’7″ while I’ve been gone.

We had a nice 90th birthday party for Grandpa on Friday with about 20 family members spanning four generations. A huge baked ham, mashed potatoes, salad and veggies for dinner, with a big homemade cake for dessert, topped with ice cream. The ham lasted the rest of the weekend.

It was a quiet weekend, nice weather, a little small town shopping and a long walk in the country. I finished reading The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. And spent one afternoon playing Plants Vs. Zombies. I think we went through most of the CDs in the car along our 36 hours of driving, too.

And that’s all I was going to post, had it all scheduled to post while I was at work today. And then I got rear-ended trying to get on the highway. I hate that entrance ramp. She was all in a hurry to get to work so I only got her name, number and insurance information, which it turned out, included her home address because her husband is her agent. Forgot to get her car info or plate number until she was gone. I stayed, called police and insurance and filed all the lovely reports. The cop was annoyed at her for leaving without giving me all the info he needed, but ended up tracking down most of it with his computer and some help over the radio, after grumbling a threat of hit and skip into the air if he didn’t find it. Got to find out what the backseat of a cop car’s like though, all hard and slippery molded plastic seats.

I’m okay. Head aches a bit and my lower back and hips are a bit cranky. I’ll probably call up the chiro for a check. But should be fine with a bit of rest. Car’s going to need a new bumper, but I think that’s the extent of it. Just got new car insurance yesterday to start in September, too. So one last claim on Progressive, I guess. Ah, city life.


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