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Getting Cold October 11, 2012

Posted by Hydy in life.
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I had to defrost my car yesterday morning and turn on the heat in the apartment this weekend. Autumn is definitely settling in here in Ohio. Trees are all pretty colors and the stores are full of Halloween candy. Makes my stress-eating of chocolate a bit cheaper for a few weeks at least. 😉 I should really stop it, I know, but… it’s chocolate.

Got a good yearly review at work, and my yearly raise. Rich is still in the hunt, checking out new opportunities daily. We’re interviewing for our seasonal hires. Lots of interviews, not sure how many we’re going to take. Hopefully some in cafe, that’s been a bit of a problem keeping staffed lately. Been getting a decent amount of interest in the HD devices. Folks, if you love your local B&N store, go put your name down for an HD device (no obligation to buy) or two so we can be properly stocked for the holiday season.

The car accident claim should be settled by the end of the week as well. I just have to get the offer papers in the mail and get them back to Nationwide. Then that will be done. Looking forward to one less thing on my plate. And, if we’re lucky, one less medical bill by the end of this month, too. Then I just have to track down the big one that’s left out there in the ether.

Oh, and healthy food of the week: Miso Soup.


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