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Quiet Week November 30, 2012

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The shopping weekend was fairly busy, but it wasn’t all that terrible. We sold all our doorbuster Simple Touches, though I believe it took us the whole day to do so, or close enough. I’ve had a couple nice days this week when I didn’t have to get up for shelving, that was a nice break from 7am. Tonight’s the Glen Beck signing, quite glad I was off work 5 hours before that started. I’m not one for big crowds.

Rich had a great weekend gaming with the guys, while I chilled out with Netflix and DVDs. Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall was awesome, and the encore even more amazing. If you have Netflix, you should watch it. He’s got another interview this coming week, fingers crossed. 🙂

My joints are unhappy, but it’s the usual two, and not any others, and the swelling’s not too bad, just stabby pains when I do something they don’t like. Frustrating, but dealing. I know I’m not eating well, what with all the chilly weather, but lately it’s been mostly couscous and rice-a-roni. Gives me food to take to work, at least.

Have to get the Christmas shopping done this weekend, while the employee discount is up. If anyone wants to come with on Sunday, let me know.

Happy Thanksgiving November 22, 2012

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My first adventure in real Thanksgiving cooking today. With help of a good friend, I made some amazing turkey breasts. I also cooked sweet potatoes, complete with marshmallows browned on top. And there were garlic mashed potatoes as well. We had dinner with Mike and his family, who made all manner of vegetarian dishes, from chop salad to potato latkes and a meatless meatloaf. There was also pumpkin pie and rice crispy treats for dessert, complete with ice cream and whipped cream.

Had a great party last weekend with friends, but it unfortunately passed the flu around to a good handful of the attendees. I was down for the count the first half of this week. Recovering, fortunately, in time to have dinner today. Several are still down and ill.

The next two days are going to be crazy at work, but as I had the last two days off due to illness, I could do with some crazy. But really folks, let’s not stampede anybody this year, eh? (Not at my job, we don’t do doorbusters much, but in general.) Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your fellow shoppers. Be nice to your cashiers, we’re doing our best, and please, don’t tell us you could get it cheaper online. We are consumers, too.

Family and Christmas November 15, 2012

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My big event of the week(end) was Mom coming to visit Sunday lunch through Tuesday lunch. She spoiled us with lots of good food, including bringing homemade Chex mix and puppy chow. We also watched lots of movies together – Argo, Up and Avengers. Monday, we went thrifting while NTB changed my oil and serpentine belt. We got me five new work shirts and a new short winter jacket.  Also stopped out to Meijer for a few things, including her getting a couple photos printed. It was a very nice visit.

Still requesting prayers for my Grandpa. Waiting to hear more news, been pretty quiet since Saturday.

The store started playing Christmas music this week. They swear it’s only one of the five CDs, but it must be a really long one. One of my radio stations has also gone all-Christmas. Still not sure what our holiday plans are for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Several options floating around, just need to make decisions. Really wish we could get All of our Nook HD reservations into the store now. I know the storm messed some of it up, but come on, one box at a time isn’t a storm problem. We’re missing sales by a lot lately, and we don’t have the devices people want to buy. Self-correcting problem, I’d think… But then it’s always like that until the flow really starts going for a new device. Still frustrating. And they are very pretty. 🙂

Finished Nicholas and Alexandra by Massie, taking a break from history to read some magazines for a couple weeks. Russian history is fairly depressing. At least now I know the trouble with the Disney version of Anastasia. Rasputin being dead before the family died, and not being vindictive towards them in the least. Though he was a rather rotten man, in any case, though not an evil sorcerer.

Resolution November 8, 2012

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Resolved the touchpad problem with a mouse. Was finally able to disable the pesky touchpad properly. Much easier to type now. And it was only $10 at Meijer. Just a simple wired Logitech optical mouse. Makes me happy.

The holiday setup at work resolved without injury or too much upset. The District Manager has been through a few times, to tell us what we haven’t fixed yet. But we’re nearly ready. And I got to spend the rest of the weekend pet sitting for a very good puppy and a not so nice, but still fairly well-behaved cat. 🙂

The election was resolved with President Obama getting another four years. And several states moving forward on equal rights for gay couples. I am hoping Ohio manages to repeal our DOMA law when it comes up on the (next?) ballot, too.

This coming weekend is my Brother’s birthday, Happy Birthday!  And my Mom coming to visit for a couple days. So I’ve got some cleaning still to do. 😉  It is also the Holiday Meeting at work, which means I get my ten year pin… Eesh.

Restful Weekend November 1, 2012

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A restful weekend that kept on going, for me. Had the days following the parties off so I could sleep (which I the proceeded to do through most of Sunday as well). Then, my job gave me off through Halloween as well. The holiday final set is today and tomorrow, though, so the rest was appreciated. Halloween is now over, we are running headlong for the Christmas season.

I really am thinking I need to take my laptop back to Microcenter. The touchpad issues are just annoying. It clicks in wherever the cursor is, even if I’m nowhere near touching it. On the otherhand, I might just uninstall it and buy an external mouse. Not sure which would be the better option. Maybe all it needs is a reinstall? I have some work I need to get done first, though.

And just because I am that insane, I’m pondering NaNoWriMo again. National Novel Writing Month, for those unfamiliar, is the insanity of a large group of people who decided that November would be a good month to write a novel in. The goal is 50K words in 30 days. I’ve never been successful at it, though I did come close one year when I did it after Christmas instead of before. I just feel like I haven’t done a lot of Creative writing lately, and I miss it. I’m not sure, we’ll see, full length novels have never really been my forte.