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Quiet Week November 30, 2012

Posted by Hydy in life.
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The shopping weekend was fairly busy, but it wasn’t all that terrible. We sold all our doorbuster Simple Touches, though I believe it took us the whole day to do so, or close enough. I’ve had a couple nice days this week when I didn’t have to get up for shelving, that was a nice break from 7am. Tonight’s the Glen Beck signing, quite glad I was off work 5 hours before that started. I’m not one for big crowds.

Rich had a great weekend gaming with the guys, while I chilled out with Netflix and DVDs. Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall was awesome, and the encore even more amazing. If you have Netflix, you should watch it. He’s got another interview this coming week, fingers crossed. 🙂

My joints are unhappy, but it’s the usual two, and not any others, and the swelling’s not too bad, just stabby pains when I do something they don’t like. Frustrating, but dealing. I know I’m not eating well, what with all the chilly weather, but lately it’s been mostly couscous and rice-a-roni. Gives me food to take to work, at least.

Have to get the Christmas shopping done this weekend, while the employee discount is up. If anyone wants to come with on Sunday, let me know.


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