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Merry Christmas! December 27, 2012

Posted by Hydy in life.
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I hope everyone is having a great week. I had a very nice Christmas Eve with my brother and his family. The kids were their usual energetic selves. Enjoying all the new toys and books they received from us and from Mom and Dad. I read a whole bunch of Dora stories and half a Bad Kitty book aloud to them. We had a very nice lunch of ham, stuffing, green bean casserole, salad and rolls, and later – Pie and cookies.

Christmas day was much more relaxing. Puppy sitting the Ralphie Eve and Day was much fun. Such a good puppy. Rich and I went to see Django, another good Tarantino movie, this one swapping bad guys and good guys from his last movie, with a German bounty hunter (and Jamie Foxx) as hero against American slavers and outlaws. Watched some Harry Potter blurays as well, since our PS3’s been broken for a few months. Rich is solving that problem with Christmas giftcards(well, the bluray problem, anyway). I still haven’t decided what I’m getting with mine.

The snow storm hit hard yesterday, causing slow-downs, shut-downs, and accidents galore. Even our store closed early, and with hardly any traffic through it all day. Today the main roads and highways are much clearer, though some back streets are still skating rinks. But at least there’s some whiteness to our winter now. I enjoy snow on the trees and grass.

And coming soon – Happy New Year!


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