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Two Months Down February 28, 2013

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February is just about done. Still looking for a new job. Applied to some copywriting jobs this week. Waiting to hear back from a lot of different places. In the meantime, work is giving me a lot of hours, so that’s helpful. Rich’s benefits should kick in tomorrow, as well, so that’ll help, too.

Had fun this past weekend with college friends, and new friends. A housewarming party and lots of hanging out. It was nice to go to a party and not have responsibilities, good fun. This month is full of fleet parties, a baby shower and a birthday party or two. Lots of fun weekends ahead.

New desserts at the store are not helping me get back on track with eating healthy. But they are so tasty. Had the Toasted S’more today. Mmmmm! 🙂

Stormy Winter February 21, 2013

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Weather’s been crazy this past week. And not just day to day, but mile by mile around the city. Storming one place and a few miles down the road it’s nice and sunny. Makes driving ever so fun. And back to freezing cold, to boot.

Rich started his new job this week, and he loves it. So that’s great. Benefits should kick in next week. I’m still looking, and looking, and studying. Drupal this week. Fun stuff.

The parties this past weekend were all good fun. It was nice to hang out with friends and just relax. We also went to see The Hobbit. Which I enjoyed thoroughly, only falling asleep during the elven/wizard council, but waking up shortly thereafter, when there were storms and rocks and giants. Looking forward to the rest of the movies.

Valentine’s Day February 14, 2013

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Slow day at work, but made up for it with TGIFriday’s and A Good Day to Die Hard afterwards. Food was tasty, of course. But, not gonna lie, I expected more from Die Hard. It was too straight forward, and a bit too much family reunion/heartfelt father-son moments. But there were guns, and car chases and explosions, so not all bad.

Two more people ditching the store. One manager moving to another store, and one long-time bookseller heading into a new career. Hope the moves are good for them. Wonder what kind of person we’ll get to replace the manager. I’m still looking. More library applications this week. Might have a contact for McGraw-Hill soon.

Trying to add some tumeric to my diet for anti-inflammatory properties. Worked in the tomato soup, but it didn’t actually dissolve in the tea… that was weird.

Two Valentine’s parties this weekend. Should be much fun with friends. Might even get some sleep in there somewhere, too.

A Bit of Good News February 7, 2013

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Rich got the job offer today. So that’s cool. He starts soon, and then benefits start a couple weeks later. He’s back in QA, where he enjoys being. So that’ll be good for him, and us. 🙂

Had fun with friends this weekend, and managed to avoid con crud a second time. A quiet weekend this week, and then more celebrations with friends the week after for Valentine’s Day. Also, a new Die Hard movie, totally want to see that. 😉

Filed taxes this week. Happy refund as usual. Yay, numbers.

No new solid job leads yet. I need to learn more web programming. But then it also becomes a matter of proof that I have the skills. Yay, fun. Keep on swimming.