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Grad School May 2, 2013

Posted by Hydy in life.
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So, apparently I’d like to start grad school this fall. Who knew?

After Mom’s visit, she talked to Dad, and they offered to help me out some, if I’d like to go back to school. I’ve always thought about getting a Masters in Library and Information Science, and when I went to look at the Kent State program last week, I saw that it had expanded quite a bit in the last decade.  Not only did they now have a Columbus campus, and a whole slew of specialties, they also offer the entire Masters course online (though a select few classes aren’t online yet). After lots of reading and poking around their site, and clarifying things with my parents, I began the application process. Just before I started writing this blog post, I finished my end of it. Now the waiting begins.

And then the panicking. And then the financial shuffle. 😉  I’m excited though, so much that would be awesome to learn about, and then get to actually do in the real world. Still need to get that library job in the mean time, so I’m still working on that.




1. Peter - May 3, 2013

Maybe you’ll get your own trading card someday.

Hydy - May 23, 2013

Interesting… 😉

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