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OMG Camping!!! May 23, 2013

Posted by Hydy in life.
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Brain has decided the prospect of camping this weekend is just way too exciting for me to sleep tonight, so an early blog post it is. Had to get up and check my old army backpack for all the camping stuff I might need. And the gobs of stuff my mom gave me after her trips to Haiti and Liberia. Yes, I do still have my canoe camp duffle with the extra flap to keep water out, (hopefully). Oh, I must buy ziploc bags, just in case of rain. Don’t forget a trashbag for dirty clothes! Yes, brain, I’ve done this before, granted it’s been over a decade, but I do remember how to camp. So excited for the weekend away from it all. With tons of friends.

This past weekend, in the middle of it all, with tons of friends, was good, too. Had a very good time being social and talking to people. (Yeah, I know, weird, huh?) The rice-crispie “cake or death” was very tasty. And the CAH game was entertaining to pop in and out on. I fluttered about a lot this weekend, but that’s alright. It was fun.

Everything else is on semi-hold while I wait to hear from KSU. Tried to check out an apartment on Monday, but apparently the leasing office takes a late lunch, because when I got there at 1pm, the sign said they’re closed til 2pm. Ah well, try again next week. Numbers jumbling around in my head, too. Wondering about pay-as-you-go cell service, and AT&T Uverse broadband service. Both cheaper than what I have now, but are they still decent and available to me? Will find out, I guess.

Been playing a lot of puzzle games recently. Logic puzzles, crosswords, boggle-type games. Trying to get my mind in shape before I start back to school. Cuz that’s what school’s like, right? Word games? 😉 Oh wait, that was 6th grade. Hm…

Anyway. Very excited for camping this weekend. Maybe I can get some sleep soon.



1. Mom - May 23, 2013

Stay warm – frost warning here tonight.
Don’t forget bug repellant!
Have fun,

Hydy - May 23, 2013

Yeah, the forecast keeps dropping. Definitely packing sweatshirts.

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