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School Days August 29, 2013

Posted by Hydy in grad school.
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I had a great, but unexpected weekend. Got to see a lot more friends than I planned on, and a lot less rollercoasters. It was a good time, and beautiful weather to be out and about.

Monday, classes started. I finally got to see my syllabi for my two classes that I’m starting with, and put all the deadlines into my planner.  I took a pre-test for my technology class, but did not get a high enough score to skip the first three chapters. I wrote an student bio blog post for both my classes, and replied to many of my classmates’ posts. There was also a scavenger hunt of the course website. Still to do this week: Chapter one of the tech class, and reviewing all the group project information so I can sign myself up to one of the three groups. It promises to be a busy and exciting semester.

Not much else to report right now, I’ve got to get down to homework. 😉



1. Terri - August 30, 2013

Good luck this semester. Justin can relate. He had to print out over 100 pgs. for his physics lab class & is still waiting for his computer class book to come in at the bookstore.

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