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Videos are Not my Thing September 26, 2013

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Week five of classes, the last week of the Tools for Success class, and the big final project is a Wordle and a video. I had a lot of trouble with lighting and sound yesterday, today I must either edit what I made, or do it all over again. Yay, fun. The group project is going well, midpoint grading happens after this weekend. So, we’ll see how the Professor thinks it’s going then. I start my Foundations class next week, too. On more month of two classes, and then November will just be down to one class to finish the semester. So far, so good.

Work is heading full steam ahead. Lots of new toys and games for the holidays. A nook price drop, for at least this week, they won’t tell us if it is permanent, they never do. Some nebulous “new thing” on the horizon, as always, for the holiday season. All the DVDs I want to own have come out this month – Dr Who 7, Ironman 3, and Star Trek Into Darkness. But I’m being good and not spending money on expensive things. Still spending most of my time in Music, so if you’re bored during the morning/early afternoon, come say hi. (And, yes, we’re still hiring, especially if you like coffee and want to work in the cafe.)

Health is pretty good. Stupid wrist is still stupid. And I keep getting headaches when I walk out the door, not sure what’s up with that, maybe I’m just not paying as much attention when I’m in the apartment and the sunlight outside reminds me. Perhaps I should get to the Chiro for my neck.

Anyway, video editing to do. See you next week.

Busy, Awesome Life September 19, 2013

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Schedule set for events for the next three months. It’s going to be a fun, busy ride. And I get to pet-sit three weekends, go camping, go to Cleveland three times, Detroit once, and have a great time here in Columbus. I might even make it to the Ren Faire for closing weekend. 🙂 So much to do, so much fun to have. And so much schoolwork to fit in.

The group project is steaming along. I did a major edit to one of the pages today. And we’re getting closer to having a cover page for web 2.0 done. If I get done with all the writing I need to do today, I’ll put up some more of the graphics that were donated to the project. My first paper is the biggest bit of homework left for the week: a “paper that discusses the information agency’s role in a future where technology will drive knowledge and information.”  I admit, I had to Google ‘information agency’ to figure out he was talking about libraries, museums, archives and galleries. But that should be a fun paper to write as the focus of both my classes has mostly been on that topic. My interest is starting to wander towards information systems a bit more than preservation – I mean, I like preservation of Things, but access seems like a more intriguing problem to work on. We’ll see how things go.

I did not get the library job that I interviewed for a couple weeks ago. But right now I’m so busy, I’ve only managed to apply to one other library job, and that because it came across the list-serv for school. But there’s a Career Fair thing at the Columbus campus October 3rd that I’ve registered to go to. So, maybe that will help. Scholarships have finally opened up for application. Those are due mid-October, so another thing for me to get in gear and work on.  Work at the store continues apace, headlong for the holidays. Weeee!

Week Three and Pet Sitting September 12, 2013

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Over halfway through one class, and into the first week of group collaboration in the other. Week three is a bit more challenging, but I’m learning all about APA and plagiarism (including how to spell it). The group project gives us instructions in three different formats, two of which directly contradict each other, and the third of which is very vague. An email has been sent to the professor for clarification. But we are getting organized, ever so slowly.

This past weekend was a Fleet party, we had a nice relaxed time, looking at old pictures, playing cards and just generally hanging out away from the oppressive end of summer heat. A group of those folks are now out at Cape Cod for Nauticon, so I get to pet sit the pup and kitty again (and have AC to boot) this weekend.

Slowly planning out my autumn events, lots of fleet events coming up: parties, cons, camping. Waiting to see how it’s all going to work out with my work and school schedules. I’m probably not making to any of the conventions, but I am definitely going camping. Halloween on a Thursday is going to prove tricky.

Week 2 September 5, 2013

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Labor Day weekend. And I did a lot of labor. Worked Saturday, did all my Tools homework on Sunday and my Tech homework on Monday. I have a lot of reading to do for my Tech test next week, so have been doing that throughout the week and will do a lot more of it the next couple days. Kickstarted the Tech group project by volunteering to set up the website, and started getting folk to volunteer(or is that be voluntold) to lead the different weekly projects. Still waiting on a lot of confirmations, but there’s a site to put next week’s homework results on, so I’m content for now. Tomorrow is the only scheduled online time of the semester – a synchronous collaboration chat with about 1/3 my Tools class. Unless, that is, everyone else has waited for the third session, in which case it could be quite the big chat.

Work is going along as usual. I’m generally stuck in Music three days a week, now. My GM just now realized that today. Training the new kids bit by bit. I’m holding steady at 30hrs a week these days. We’re set for Halloween, but soon enough, we’ll switch to holiday rush.

A friend of mine found one of these at a garage sale and got it for me:


It’s completely manual, so I have to strengthen my hands/wrists up some before I can use it properly. But it’s fun to play with.

I also got out to Half Price Books this past weekend for their Labor Day sale, and got two books: Elminster Ascending, and Variable Star, as well as five movies including The Mummy triology, Which I then confused people by quoting the line about being a Librarian. No, I don’t have a library job yet, it’s just an adorable line.