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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2013

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Today is the start to a very busy weekend. Three parties in a row, ending in Detroit on Saturday with a lot of the same folk I partied with last weekend in Cleveland. That was a great party, and this weekend should be just as fun (maybe warmer?).

I registered for Spring classes this week – two cores and one workshop. Access to Information, Organization of Information and Database Driven Websites. I also filled out my Program Statement form with my intended classes for the rest of my degree. We shall see how well that works out. Most of the classes I wanted to take were Spring semester only, so I had to get creative. Dr Boon was a great help in sorting things out.

Waiting on my professor to post end of project peer review instructions, so I can finalize my Tech class. Foundations is going along smoothly. I have a topic for my big assignment, and know where I’m doing the first two, just have to get to work on them when things are a bit calmer next week.

Haven’t met the new manager at work yet, but we have brought a good bunch of new folk in for the holidays. Hopefully, it will be enough, though I think they’ve got a few more offers to make as well. Seasonal music sellers are coming back soon, too. Yay! Still looking at libraries, but not getting much, yet.

Snow Already October 24, 2013

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Relaxing weekend. Hung out with friends on Friday. Watched OSU’s homecoming football game with the pup and cat on Saturday, while doing my final Tech homework assignment. My Foundations book put me to sleep for a bit on Sunday. Saw my old boss in one of my lecture videos, she is now director of the KSU Archives and Special Collections.

Monday was grand adventure day. A group of us drove to Virginia and back to retrieve an ebay purchase made of cast iron. It was fun and the weather was as beautiful as the scenery. We stopped at a local BBQ place for lunch with one of the guy’s friends. The smoked meat was nice and juicy, which was good as I wasn’t as keen on their sauces.

One more week to finish the Tech class group website and that class is done. Foundations is end loaded with work, but it will be the only thing I’m working on in November. Next week is Spring registration, as well. Class choices are pretty well set with cores, but a workshop is still to be chosen.

For those interested in such things, we’ve started a new campaign on Tuesday – playing goblins in Undermountain. I’ve started a new blog to chronicle the adventure: Skeeter in Undermountain. English majors beware, it is in goblin voice.

Halloween party this weekend and things just get crazier next week. And so it begins.

Fire, Tents, Puppies & Cider October 17, 2013

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Camping this past weekend was pretty great. Got there a bit late on Friday, but the new tent was fairly easy to set up, so no harm. And there was freshly warmed cider after we were done. It was beautiful weather, and everyone was relaxed and happy. Dutch oven bread and apple cobbler were amazing as always, as was the rest of the food. Enjoyed playing with both puppies who were out for the weekend, and sitting around a nice toasty campfire.

Back to the grind this week. Another library job did not come through, asked for feedback this time, but haven’t received any. This week’s tech homework is on search engines. Apparently, not many sites link to Denison.edu. 😦 But thanks to friends posting links, I got my current news article post done for my foundations class.

This is a Homecoming weekend in Columbus, before the Halloween madness begins. Four parties in two weeks after that. With my tech class ending in the middle of all that. Wee fun!

And just so we’re clear, still horribly terrified of snakes, thanks Pete.

Blurry October 10, 2013

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I barely remember this past weekend. I think there was football on TV, and a puppy, and homework, lots of homework. Lots of video lectures on Monday and reading on Sunday. And posting and replying, and evaluating websites.

I also finished re-reading Ender’s Game Monday night after homework was all done. Now I’m reading the Elminster Ascending triology, since I’ve never actually read any books about him. And Tuesday we finished off Carnegie in our short adventure before we begin our Undermountain Goblin campaign. Up late last night formatting citations on a website.

Work is getting even crazier – anyone need a holiday job and a discount on toys, games, cds, dvds and books this holiday season?

This weekend is a break – camping Friday night through Sunday afternoon. And then back to the crazy. 🙂

So Busy! October 3, 2013

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Started my next class this week. So much reading – between the assignments and the bios, and the discussion groups. But I like the class, and the professor – she actually replied to our bios, unlike the previous two. Got an A in the Success in MLIS class. The group project in the Tech class is nearing completion. This week is scholarly resources, and then we’re on to summaries and evaluations. Due on Halloween. All assignments done for this week – this weekend’s assignment – scholarship applications.

Birthdays galore this week. Including my Uncle David. Happy Birthday to all!!! I get to snuggle the puppy for a few hours tomorrow as some birthday celebrators head up to NIN concert in Cleveland. Hope they all have fun, too.

Went to a Career Expo tonight, and got lots of advice on getting experience, networking and portfolio building. Talked to a lot of people from interesting organizations, from EBSCO to ARMA to OhioNet to the Society of Ohio Archivists. Not to mention the OLC, the OCLC, co-asis&t, Muskingum University and Upper Arlington Library. It was a really great time, though I wish the presenters had not disappeared, there were a couple I wanted to talk to that I could not find after the panel was done. I did not, however, meet any of my classmates, must get better at being social.