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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2013

Posted by Hydy in grad school, life.
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Today is the start to a very busy weekend. Three parties in a row, ending in Detroit on Saturday with a lot of the same folk I partied with last weekend in Cleveland. That was a great party, and this weekend should be just as fun (maybe warmer?).

I registered for Spring classes this week – two cores and one workshop. Access to Information, Organization of Information and Database Driven Websites. I also filled out my Program Statement form with my intended classes for the rest of my degree. We shall see how well that works out. Most of the classes I wanted to take were Spring semester only, so I had to get creative. Dr Boon was a great help in sorting things out.

Waiting on my professor to post end of project peer review instructions, so I can finalize my Tech class. Foundations is going along smoothly. I have a topic for my big assignment, and know where I’m doing the first two, just have to get to work on them when things are a bit calmer next week.

Haven’t met the new manager at work yet, but we have brought a good bunch of new folk in for the holidays. Hopefully, it will be enough, though I think they’ve got a few more offers to make as well. Seasonal music sellers are coming back soon, too. Yay! Still looking at libraries, but not getting much, yet.


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