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Happy Thanksgiving!!! November 28, 2013

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I wish everyone a very happy, safe and love-filled Thanksgiving today. Safe travels for those on the road, and a snow storm for those waiting outside retail establishments for sales. 😉 (No, I’m not looking forward to working this weekend, but at least the time will go by fast.)

This past weekend was pet-sitting while folks went out east, this weekend is pet sitting while folks go to Indiana. Poor Ralphie’s back in his cone, though. Dusty is ignoring me so far today though I imagine he’ll come out when I start eating dinner.

In the oven so far: Cornish hen and homemade stuffing. In an hour, I’ll switch the stuffing for the yams, and check on the hen. Tuesday I had an excellent Thanksgiving feast with my gaming friends, last night the folks I pet-sit for made me another excellent feast, today is with the pup and cat, and tomorrow, I imagine there will be all sorts of food at work. 🙂 Quite a good Thanksgiving week.

School-wise, I’ve got an annotated bibliography and summary to do this weekend, and one post to reply to sometime before Sunday. Next week is my last week for the semester. Hurray, a break so I can catch up on Dr Who and Bones. 😉

All in all, a good start to the holiday season.


Tornado in November? November 21, 2013

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We were supposed to have our store holiday meeting on Sunday evening, but when the tornado sirens went off at 730, I began to wonder. At 8, I got a call from the store saying not to come in. And it looks like they may not have time to reschedule, which is disappointing for all the work they put into getting ready. Ah well, the holidays come whether we’re ready or not. All the new kids seem to be getting the hang of things, so that’s good.

Had our local party in the run of November parties this past weekend as well. It was good fun – 125 people in one house. Good thing we opened up the garage and put in a ramp. New friends and old, it was a very good weekend. I’m pet sitting the next two weekends, as fleet travels to Connecticut and Indy.

Two more big assignments to go in my Foundations class. One due on Sunday – to write about the Bexley Public Library that I visited yesterday. It’s a nice place, much bigger than it looks from outside. If I’d remembered to bring a bill with me, I could have even gotten a card, instead of wandering around with a notepad pretending I was being studious or something.  Then the big research project on internet security issues in libraries, due the end of the first week of December. Almost done. Actually bought the APA book today, because we have to do APA formatting, not just citations on both of these assignments.

Alright, enough rambling, time for dinner and homework.



Adventures in Book Signings November 14, 2013

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Had a nice quiet weekend. I wrote my association review, watched the Alien movies and the last 2/3 of season 5 of CSI. Cuddled with the puppy, occasionally nuzzled the cat, and generally just took it easy trying to get over the illness, that Saturday morning had me hacking up a lung and calling off work. Feeling much better this week, but still have a lingering tickle that results in pathetic little dry coughs throughout the day.

We had Sarah Palin in the store this week, signing her new book Good Tidings, Great Joy. It was quite the event, with private security, police and many managers visiting from others stores to help out. I didn’t get the final count, but I think it was somewhere around 350+ people that came out to see her. Which was pretty good, considering it was at noon on a Wednesday while everyone was working. All in all, it went pretty smoothly.

My homework is done for this week, just a bunch of posting was due. I really enjoyed this week’s readings. The topic was access to information, so we read about things like genealogy, the cycle of information poverty, and changing from being gate-keepers to gate-openers as librarians. And now I have vague bubbles of ideas about making a genealogical database of my family, and then trying to put it online as a database driven website. Those things may not work the way I want them to work. Also, it’s a much bigger project than I’ll have time for, but we’ll see how obsessed with it I become. 😉

This weekend will be lots of hanging out with friends, and ends with my store Holiday Meeting. Which they are doing at 9pm instead of 7am, which I appreciate so very, very much. But they’re doing a potluck… at 9pm… on a Sunday. Most people have signed up to bring snacks and desserts. I don’t think anyone really wants dinner food that late at night. And then the madness of the holiday season officially begins. It has already snowed, so the state is ready.

Also, a belated Happy Birthday to my brother, who turned 35 on Sunday.

Survived, but Ill November 7, 2013

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This past weekend was a blast. Great nights out with friends and a very nice party on Saturday. We even had some pretty great costumes at work, though not me.

Finished my peer and professor reviews for my Tech class on Sunday, so that class is now done. I’m registered for spring classes. My change in focus, however, has my advisor advising me to find a new advisor, because she doesn’t know as much about the tech classes I want to take. I’m halfway through homework in Foundations for the week, just have response posts to write, and finish a paper on a professional library association and their website. Four weeks left in that class and then I’m done for the semester.

I did, however, pick up a sore throat somewhere over the weekend. It manifested fully Tuesday morning and has been obnoxious since. But it has not come with a fever or cough, yet. ::knockknock:: So I’m feeding it OJ and Sprite tonight, had soup for lunch. And will be getting to bed early today, if things go according to plan. And this weekend will be rest while puppy and kitty sitting, with the usual work thrown in.

Next week, we have a surprise book signing at noon on Wednesday by none other than Sarah Palin – for her new book about keeping Christ in Christmas and being proud of it. It should be quite the day.