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Tornado in November? November 21, 2013

Posted by Hydy in grad school, life.
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We were supposed to have our store holiday meeting on Sunday evening, but when the tornado sirens went off at 730, I began to wonder. At 8, I got a call from the store saying not to come in. And it looks like they may not have time to reschedule, which is disappointing for all the work they put into getting ready. Ah well, the holidays come whether we’re ready or not. All the new kids seem to be getting the hang of things, so that’s good.

Had our local party in the run of November parties this past weekend as well. It was good fun – 125 people in one house. Good thing we opened up the garage and put in a ramp. New friends and old, it was a very good weekend. I’m pet sitting the next two weekends, as fleet travels to Connecticut and Indy.

Two more big assignments to go in my Foundations class. One due on Sunday – to write about the Bexley Public Library that I visited yesterday. It’s a nice place, much bigger than it looks from outside. If I’d remembered to bring a bill with me, I could have even gotten a card, instead of wandering around with a notepad pretending I was being studious or something.  Then the big research project on internet security issues in libraries, due the end of the first week of December. Almost done. Actually bought the APA book today, because we have to do APA formatting, not just citations on both of these assignments.

Alright, enough rambling, time for dinner and homework.




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