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Happy New Year’s Eve January 30, 2014

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Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, so have some tasty rice and colorful veggies to celebrate the Year of the Horse.

I am halfway through my first project of the semester. I have recorded my information seeking behavior for seven of the last ten days. This weekend I get to write a paper about it. Wee, fun. Then, I get to find two volunteers for my next project. Anyone in Columbus want to help out?

My other big project this week is editing the NGS Quickstart Guide and sample adventure for Venture Land Games. I spent Sunday afternoon helping with the upcoming Kickstarter video, so I’m excited to see how that turns out, too.

A quiet weekend ahead, other than work, and homework and editing work. Plenty of time to stay inside out of the rain. Ah Ohio, how you tease.

Everything is a Go January 23, 2014

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Including the snow and freezing cold temperatures, again. Winter is well and fully upon us. The parking lot has been stained white with salt. Pipes are bursting from the freezing temperatures, both down town(last cold snap) and at the mall (today).

School has started back up. This class looks to be very interesting, even the theory parts aren’t too bad. Big projects coming up. Got started recording my own habits a couple days this week. Our discussion groups are smaller – only 6 people per group this time. So far, so good.

DeCon was a blast, as always. Good food, good friends and good times. And a very nice night Sunday playing cards to recover from all the hard work it takes to support a convention.

Working on my tax return as I type this (well, I’m not typing in two screens at once, just waiting on the answer to a question so I can finish filing). Looks like a good refund again this year. Tickets to England in August shall be purchased soon.

And Some Snow January 16, 2014

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Started snowing again today. They say its going to snow all weekend. I like winter better when there’s snow on the ground. Seems more comforting than just biting wind and overcast skies.

My Access to Information class started this week. Looks like it’s going to be a very interesting, and challenging class. The big projects get progressively bigger in length and scope as the semester goes on.  Looking forward to the practical side of things, which she says we’ll get to after the first month or so.

Suspended my Ancestry.com account this week, until my next break in courses. I can still see the tree I made, I just can’t search up any more documentation until I pay them again. I just don’t have the time to spend on it with classes going again. Did find some more of my Mom’s roots, including some kings of Brittany and one of the Norman noble invaders of England in 1066.

DeCon this weekend, should be a blast. Can’t wait to relax and hang out with friends. Heading to move gear to the hotel shortly.

January Cold January 9, 2014

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Cold and ice and snow and more cold. Yay winter. 😉   Except that it makes me want to hibernate. Which I’ve let myself do a lot in this month off from school. Lots of movies and reading and playing Flow Colors. Classes start Monday, though, so back to the busy.

Applied to four new library jobs last week. People are freaking out that B&N is planning to close 20 stores a year for the next decade, or so the internets say. There are 7 B&Ns in Columbus, it seems the market’s a bit over-saturated to me, but what do I know about business.

Trying to make healthier foods, and still satiate my need for warm foods this winter. I made chili last week, but next time I need to make it spicier. Made penne and artichoke hearts today. It was quite tasty. Mixed together all the nuts and seeds I had to make my own trail mix. I must be spoiled by cheap tuna, I didn’t really like the albacore white I got the other day. More experimenting to come.

DeCon coming up next weekend. 🙂

Happy New Year! January 1, 2014

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All the awesome of 2013 in Review:

I learned about Drupal and Joomla!

Learned about and began practicing new forms of meditation.

Got to ride the new coaster at Cedar Point.

Had some nice family visits.

Did lots of pet sitting for Ralphie and Dusty.

Attended a lot of excellent Fleet parties.

Got to go camping, Twice.

A friend got me an Old tiny typewriter.

Went to COSI and saw the Mythbusters exhibit.

Went to an author event and got to meet: R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood and Erin Evans and get all their signatures.

Had grand adventures with friends.

I started Grad School.

I lead a successful group project.

I had my first library interview, and my second.

I aced my first semester.

I started researching my ancestry.

I got to see all the movies I wanted to see.

Caught up on Doctor Who, and even got to watch the Christmas Episode when it aired.

Rang in the New Year with great friends.