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Rain, Snow… Thunder? March 27, 2014

Posted by Hydy in grad school, life.
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Quite the week of weather, thanks Ohio. 😉

Had a busy weekend of a final and a midterm and editing a book, but it all went fairly well. Still waiting on grades, but I seemed to go well. The book is edging closer and closer to publication. We’re all very excited about it.

Been mostly lazing about this week. Hanging out with friends and the usual. Made fun new characters on Tuesday, can hardly wait to see how they go next week. Back to Undermountain with a new group.

This weekend is pubs and friends – a birthday party on Saturday, and some possible stitchery. Then on to starting the second half of my Organization class.

And a Happy Birthday to Mom on Wednesday. 🙂  (Edited)



1. Hearts bigger then the sun - March 27, 2014

I love this post! So awesome! You might like my most recent! Go check it out 🙂 thanks!

2. Terri - March 28, 2014

I thought your mom’s birthday was on Wed. the 2nd? Your cousin, Dan ‘s birthday is the 31st, which is Monday.

Hydy - March 30, 2014

You’re right, I just forgot there were 31 days. Thank you.

Terri - April 3, 2014

Thankfully there is 31 days in March. Otherwise your cousin would be an April Fool’s Baby.

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