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Day One June 18, 2014

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Travel was long, but no major issues, even got to carry on my suitcase and only had to gate-check it once. Watched Frozen (fun), Gravity (good), Book Thief (cried a lot), and The Great Gatsby (definitely Baz, but also reminded me of The Talented Mr Ripley) on the overnight flight. CMH had the best wifi, Dulles was weak and the ground crew was ridiculously unorganized, and in Belgium, the UK flights (and one to Moscow) were gated in the lowest level where the WiFi didn’t reach. I posted my arrival as I made my way through the terminal, before I descended to the emptiness:

Empty Gate Area

Flight into Bristol was nice, though in a tiny, unmarked plane, and the flight crew seemed rather unhappy with their ground crew making us a few minutes late. The stewardess was worried about me and insisted I take some water when I told her I had been awake 20 hours. You could tell we were flying into England:

Clouds over England

Kalyn met me at arrivals after I repeatedy told people where she worked, cuz I didn’t know the address I was staying at and that I’d come through Brussels because it was cheaper. This seemed to confuse them. Also had to show my itinerary to prove I was leaving in a week. I got to ride  bus and a train to get to her place, and then she fed me second breakfast, before we went out for a short bus tour of the city.

Suspension Bridge

I really want to go out on this, the gorge is beautiful.

River below the bridge

The Downs

One of the Downs

Market Street

Market Street

Train Station

Left side of old train station

Train station 2

Center and right of old train station

Lots of Old Buildings

DSC01498 DSC01495 DSC01491 DSC01490 DSC01482 DSC01488 DSC01486 DSC01483 DSC01484 DSC01485

And now we’re in for the night for dinner with the family, and possibly Red 2, since they have it and I haven’t seen it.



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