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Halfway September 25, 2014

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One course is halfway through at the end of this week, the other just a third done. Still an exhausting semester. Still assignments to complete for this week. It is going well, though. Topics almost as interesting as I hoped. Little bits of boredom, but that’s to be expected with grad school readings. 😉

More new hires at the store. I’ve had company in music twice this week. Unfortunately, not a lot to do today, so I was falling asleep by end of day. Grabbed a RedBull for my drive home. But we’re slowly restaffing to full. I like the new Assistant Manager we transferred in. The new kids are mostly all excited and happy to be there. So, looking good heading into the holidays. No new interviews for me lately. :/

September fleet party this weekend. Going to be a good time, relaxing with friends. Camping next weekend. Must make sure my homework gets sorted out as best I can before going. Fortunately, my week in charge isn’t until after we get back.

Fall has arrived. 70s during the day, but 50s at night. I keep wearing a coat to work, and then carrying it home. And the trees are getting pretty. 🙂

Digital Libraries Everywhere September 18, 2014

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I have two digital collections to create this semester. Tonight, I’m taking pictures for my pewter collection. Soon, I will need old photos for my group project collection. So, if anyone (Mom?) has pictures of couples(wedding photos, ect.)  from before 1945 they would be willing to share with me (physically or digitally), I would really appreciate it.  It would be super helpful if you had information about the people in the photo, too. 😉

Had a great weekend with friends. Hanging out, relaxing, eating tasty food at Buca di Beppo. This weekend will be quieter and filled with homework. But still a Friday with friends in the plans.

Work is still work. We’re getting our lead positions filled. Still managers short, and of course seasonal hiring soon. Still looking at libraries, waiting for replies to applications. All sorts of fun.

Weather is turning colder, must be nearly fall. Heard a lovely commercial this morning about the leaves in Michigan. Will have to hit the bio reserve soon. 🙂

September 11th September 11, 2014

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I remember.


Classes are going well. Group members a bit slower to post this week, but that’s alright. Should be done with assignments soon anyway. Digital projects are spinning about in my head. So many ideas, not enough time.

A weekend with friends to come. So looking forward to hanging out with humans again. Dusty and Ralphie are cute and all, but they can’t use their words. Did have a good time at a bowling birthday party last Saturday, followed by Dogma. Been too long since I had seen that one.

Stormy September. Miss playing in the rain. So busy, must make… take time for the simple things.

Prayers for Sharon, Mom, and Dad. They lost a cherished husband and friend last weekend.

Be well everyone.


Getting Organized September 4, 2014

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Didn’t use a planner for my summer classes, but had to break down and get one for the fall semester. I was just getting confused because my classes are so similar. It’s all in the book now, and sorted out. Lots of work to do, and one very unfortunately timed final project. But, it should work out alright. The other final project is timed excellently, giving me two weeks with nothing but it to work on, owing to the fact that the class ends the week after Thanksgiving. The projects for both look pretty awesome, so it should be good.

Pharmacy frustrations galore. I know it’s my fault for not ordering refills ahead of time, but three days running they keep telling me “maybe we’ll have it tomorrow.” Though today’s added bonus was being confusing and telling me they were going to call my doctor, as though to switch my script to something else. No, thanks, I don’t want something else, I want the drugs that I’m taking and that are working. I don’t care if you have to call another distributor, that’s not my business, do what you have to do, just get the medications, or I’ll go somewhere else, thank you. So, I haven’t had my meds all week other than Naproxen. I slept for four hours when I got home yesterday, was up for about four, and then slept hard all night.

Anybody need a job? Anybody that will actually show up and not quit after a couple weeks? We’ve got a lot of positions open if you’re willing to work retail with cafe. Manager on down. Full and part time. And soon, we’ll be doing seasonal hiring, too. Wee fun.  On a related note, anyone need a half-way-through-my-degree librarian? 😉