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Autumn Chill in the Air October 23, 2014

Posted by Hydy in grad school, life.
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And apparently a partial solar eclipse today, too. 🙂

Homework that is due this week is officially complete. I still have project work to do for the project that is due end of next week, but probably won’t work on that until the weekend. Just one more week of Intro to Digital Preservation to go!

Brain is just about as fried as my body. Work was rough today. 210 boxes in the door, I had to stack them all up to start, and then receive and move 120 of them. So much fun. But I’m learning new things about receiving. That’s good, right? Another day at it tomorrow.

Had a great time last week at the first party of the Halloween season. This weekend is party two, and then three in a row next week!  Also had a great time seeing Marianne and Daniel in from Scotland, and catching up with a bunch of local college friends to boot! Was very good to see them all, I haven’t even made it over to Denison lately.

Finally made it to gaming two weeks in a row, and I’m really getting invested in my character for the first time in Months! And then she nearly died last night, too. But they saved me. 🙂 So many good books lately, too. Really enjoying In the Net of Dreams and Where Dreams Collide this week.


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