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Happy Thanksgiving! November 28, 2014

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And Black Friday!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I had a very nice afternoon with my Brother’s family. And evening with the puppy.

Work today was nice and busy, but I left before it got too hectic. Mall traffic was already awful, but we had plenty of people on hand to help today. So that was nice.

Still working on my last final for Digital Libraries. And then, Break!

Holidays, Here We Come November 20, 2014

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Thanksgiving next week. I’ll be having lunch with my brother, sis-in-law, and their kids. So, that’ll be fun, and tasty.

I do have to work opening on Black Friday – come get your new Nook/Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. But That means I get off work in the early afternoon and can just relax the rest of the weekend.

And by relax, I mean work on my term project for Digital Libraries. So close to done for the semester. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not much else going on, really. ๐Ÿ™‚

Exhausting Week, again… November 15, 2014

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And I’m posting late again. I do not have a good excuse this week. I was just Tired all week. Had fun with friends last night, even if it was freezing cold. Went to a family owned Italian restaurant for lunch today. It was nice. I realized I haven’t really gone to family owned businesses in a very long time. So many chains around here.

School is going alright, these couple weeks are pretty quiet in the lead up to the final projects. I really do appreciate that she has had us doing bits of the projects all through the semester. Still waiting on final grade on the group project in the other class.

Store is almost full up on holiday hires, but we’ve got a few more spots open if anyone is looking. I think we even have a full managerial staff these days.

Thursday Already? November 6, 2014

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That’s the trouble with late posting, just a couple days later and it is time to post again.

Not much to update on in the last few days. Homework is done for the week… until my Professor decides to actually post the quiz for this week. She keeps changing up the end of class schedule, and this time may have outdone herself by switching it to a quiz she had not written yet.

As usual, it’s the holidays, so if anyone wants a seasonal job at B&N, let me know. We’re hiring.

I get a couple nights to relax, and then a party with Fleet on Saturday. A pretty quiet week for me, to recover from last week.

Welcome to November November 2, 2014

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Sorry about the late post, folks. ย This past week has been crazy busy.

Final week of Intro to Digital Preservation has been completed. Final project has been turned in. I fully expect an A in this class. And I actually had a great time doing the group project. My group members all worked really hard and were more than willing to take on responsibilities. My only complaints were nothing to do with the project, having to wait for discussion posts so I could reply to them. One more month of Digital Libraries to go. And then I have just over a month off for the holidays. Spring classes are set and ready to go. Including the workshop I wanted to take. <fingers crossed>

Had a great Halloween weekend with friends. Our three-night party was spectacular, if exhausting. I slept for twelve hours today, and still had to force myself out of bed this evening. Last week’s party was great, too, and Much more relaxing. Next week’s party should be more of the same, though a bit more work as my group here in town is hosting.

Still haven’t escaped the store, so holiday season 14 is beginning. With extra insanity, and tons of new faces. I just keep plugging away, doing my job, and applying to everything I can find in the library-sphere. The main Kent campus had a job fair recently. Really wish we were having one down here, too, like last year. But I haven’t heard anything to that affect.

Life is good. The challenges just keep me on my toes.