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Merry Christmas!!! December 25, 2014

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Hope everyone is having a great Christmas. I had a really nice afternoon with my brother and his family. The kids were very excited about all their presents, especially the new Wii U, and Minecraft game guides. Pete showed me that Hearthstone is now on Android, and while it taxes my little tablet, I can now play it. I’m spending the evening with Dusty and Ralphie, watching Star Wars IV-VI, and eating no-bakes. MMMmmm tasty!

Had a great Festivus party with friends last weekend, and a nice Yule potluck, as well. Board/card/video games with friends next week for New Year’s Eve, and then Buckeye football the next night, for the Sugar Bowl. A very nice holiday season, work aside.

I did just log in and confirm A and A- in my two classes this semester. 100% on both my digital collections. The term paper is what pulled me down a few points.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cold! December 18, 2014

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Was freezing all day at work today. Ugh!  But the day went fairly well. Being stuck back in music has the advantage of less crowding, at least. Four applications sent out on Monday, two rejections so far. :/

Enjoying my break, and not really doing much work that I planned on yet. Though I did update Drupal for once. Went to some really fun bookstores this past weekend. Acorn is my favorite. Even if they didn’t have the old books I was looking for.

Christmas parties this weekend with friends. So that’ll be fun. Looking forward to seeing everyone and relaxing. They say it will snow. We shall see.


Winter Break! December 11, 2014

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Yay! First week of winter break nearly done. Only three days of work this week, so that’s done now, too. 🙂 Got nearly perfect grade on final project in Digital Libraries, so that’s an A for the class. Still waiting on Intro to Digi Preservation final grades. Have just applied for another job as I was about to write this post (and went looking for the aforementioned grades).

Christmas shopping for my nephew and nieces completed today. After one heck of a day. It certainly is the holiday shopping season!  Fortunately, this mean traffic getting home, once I get out of the mall area, was not that bad. ::knock, knock:: Getting to work this morning was another story, as a car fire shut down 270N a couple miles from where I got on today. It took me 15 minutes to go one of those miles to get back off, and 45 more minutes to get to work.

Looking forward to getting some personal web, writing, and reading projects done over break. And a lot of sleeping. 😉

Hope everyone is enjoying this cold, but largely snowless start to winter.

Merry December December 4, 2014

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Just one more draft of my term paper to go, and I’ll be done for the month! Weeee!

Work is smoothing out slowly as the new folks get trained up. We’ve got a few really good ones this year. Now if sales will just pick up so hours can be constant, we’ll be all set.

Not a whole lot going on right now, just getting ready for the end of month. Things are good. Friends are awesome. It’s almost Christmas!