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Hi Mom April 24, 2015

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Just over a week to go in this semester, and Mom is down for a visit. Everybody wave.

Today we got my car fixed – ten years old and 167K miles – and it only needed the back brakes aligned and a coolant valve replaced. Not bad, I say. Then we went shopping and bought all the various things I’ve been putting off. Water filters, new pots, a food processor (mmm banana ice cream), scrubby things, ziploc bags, even a new simple belt. Later this weekend there will be groceries and possibly clothes. But also fun things – Ohioana Book FestivalΒ and Ashland Viking Festival.

I have my two finals left, half an essay quiz and one set of reading/lecture/blog postings left to go. Not a bad place to be. Mom did some homework tonight while I did some of mine, so it’s all good.

Looking forward to May. We have MarConΒ and our Annual camping trip. πŸ™‚ It’s going to be a good May Break before I buckle back down for classes again in June.

April Showers April 16, 2015

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I certainly hope there will be plenty of May Flowers coming soon.

Everything is full of the busy. School chugs along. Trying to set up time to work with my partner on our Final Project. We have to watch each other do searches, then write about it… together. Not my favorite thing in the world. only two and a half weeks left. So much to still get done.

Work is just making me angry this week. Thieving thieves, who don’t care that I’m standing right there.

Getting together with friends on Friday, and then spending the whole weekend on homework. Weee!

All the Busy April 9, 2015

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We loaded the trailer, unloaded the trailer and set up the large bits. Tomorrow we set up the small bits, and then Saturday we play board games and have a party! Yay!

Dinner tonight is teriyaki chicken and broccoli, followed quickly by strawberry shortcake. πŸ™‚

I finished the required bits for my PHP/MySQL project, and if I have time, I’ll even make it pretty. πŸ™‚

So much to do this week, I even cleaned my kitchen while cooking tonight.

Four more weeks of school, I can do this!

Happy Weekend! April 2, 2015

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a pretty typical one planned, complete with gobs of homework, and visiting friends. πŸ™‚

It’s April now, time for warmness, right? ::eyeshifts towards the window:: Right?Β  Nice sunny day today, so let’s keep that going. Looks like we should down here, though up north it looks like a rather bad weekend, possibly. Sorry Mom and Dad.

Time to start planning my fall internship. I need to start talking to my adviser and figure that one out. 15 hours a week, unpaid for three-ish months. Wee-fun! Just a one month left in this semester, and then May-term break for me. Looking forward to playing with some of the things I learned this semester, but it’s also a convention/camping filled month, so. Looking forward to that, too. πŸ™‚