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Finals May 1, 2015

Posted by Hydy in Uncategorized.

Had a great visit with Mom this past weekend. We met a lot of children’s authors and a couple adult authors at the Ohioana Book Festival. We got books for the kids, and two new novels for me by S. Andrew Swan. Liking the Dragon Princess so far. Unreliable thief author, so my kind of book. 🙂  We had a nice visit to the Ashville Viking Festival, as well. And I have a new piece of pewter – Nils Holgerssons on the back of a goose. We also did All the Shopping, for all the little things I’ve been putting off, and some more adulting clothes for getting and keeping a new job. And shoes, always in need of new work shoes, hoping these last a little while.

This week is finals. One is done and turned in, the other I’m working on today, and hope to have done by early Sunday evening. The former being a group project, the latter being a case study. So close to done! And then a month off for all things Fleet. MarCon next week, and Summer Games a couple weeks later. Going to be a busy month. 🙂



1. Terri - May 3, 2015

Enjoy your coming break. Justin will be done w/ finals on Thurs.

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