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Final Finals Week July 30, 2015

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This is my last finals week, ever! Yay!  One final is done, all but for replying to any questions my classmates have. The other has a good amount of work left to do. All the tricky stuff, of course. But it’ll hopefully be pretty when I’m done. Well, as pretty as a non-graphic designer can make it. 😉

Next week is vacation, and I got work all sorted out – they wanted me to come back and work on Friday – so I have the entire week off. Yay! Vacation!  Means I get all my PTO before I quit. Still need to write That letter, though they know it’s happening.

Eeks wants to take me to a Krav class while I’m up in Michigan. That should be interesting. Other than that, planning on lots of relaxing in AC. 😉

Back to work now.

Happy Birthday to Me! July 23, 2015

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I turn 35 tomorrow. Thought I’d be a little further along by now, but I’m doing well, and am starting a new career, so I’d say I’m in a good place. I have friends and family who love me, who care for me. And while my health annoys me on occasion, I’m doing fairly well there, too. All things considered.

Tomorrow, I, and three friends, are going to Cedar Point to celebrate two of our birthdays. I am so very much looking forward to riding all the coasters again. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll remember sun screen often enough.

In other news, I’m on the final stretch of my two final projects. My site is half up, and my digital library is mostly complete. I just have some tweaking to do, mostly visual. I still need to design a header banner for my site – never was very good with graphics. But all in all, my classes are wrapping up fairly well. I’m a bit behind on my python class this week, but I should be able to catch up Saturday afternoon. It’s kind of a “the points are made up and the grades don’t matter” class, so I’m not too worried about it. But still, I’ll get it done in time.

Then, once all is said and done, I’ll be heading north for a week. Going to visit Michigan a bit at the beginning of August. 🙂

Pop Culture and Vinyl July 16, 2015

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Most of my time at work this week was full of our Vinyl rollout. We now have three bays of vinyl in our music department, instead of just one little table. I hope it keeps selling…  The rest of the store is consumed by the Pop Culture events this month. Tomorrow night is Minions, Saturday is Star Wars, and Sunday is Manga Mania, which kicks off a week-long Buy Two, Get One Free sale. Head to your local B&N folks, it’s going to be a fun weekend. 🙂

For me? The weekend will be full of final project homework. My birthday is next weekend, and I’d like to be doing as little homework as possible after going to Cedar Point with friends next Friday. So, I have to add content to all my new webpages, and submit a progress report. Then I have to get my digital library of travel photos pulled together, and filled with metadata. I believe I have a progress report to do on that, as well. Oh, yeah, and I need to email the guy at CML about setting up a meeting to discuss my second internship this fall.

At least we’ve had some nice weather this week. Some pretty huge storms, too, but also some sun to dry things off. Like that tree in the road just down from me. 😉 Summer is halfway over already, how did that happen??

Mostly Happy July 9, 2015

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Independence Day, last weekend!

Missing the Dusty Kitty, though. 😦

Got my website project started, need to find better color scheme and make a header banner. Have to write my digital library proposal this week, too. I think travel photos. We have to have 50 objects, and I’ve got tons of pictures from Ireland, Australia, and England, so… That should go alright.

Fleet Tiki picnic/party this weekend. 🙂  And sleep… hopefully sleep. 😉

Happy Independence Day! July 2, 2015

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What a week! Marriage Equality, Fair Housing and Healthcare for all, so says SCOTUS. Wonderful! Unfortunately, racial and and homophobic violence have both been ramping up higher and higher, not to mention gun violence in general. Warning: Sarcastic, Satirical Videos (with possible strong language) ahead! (More about my life below the videos.)

Jon Stewart on SCOTUS ruling, and the conservative reaction:

John Oliver on Gun Control: Australia vs. US

So, 4th of July on Saturday. Many fireworks shows this weekend. Big community picnics. And lots of homework, of course.

Getting down to the final projects now. They’re fun though. Website and a Digital Library. Both will be linked here when done.

Barnes and Noble stores across the country are doing Get Pop Cultured events all this Month. This weekend is time travel weekend, and includes Throwback Thursday 1950s, Doctor Who on Friday (event at 7pm), Magic Tree house on Saturday (events starting at 11), and Outlander on Sunday(event at 2). Weee, fun!