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All Done August 27, 2015

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Today was my Last Day at Barnes & Noble. It’s been a good run, nearly 13 years with the company. I learned a lot, had tons of fun, and met a lot of great people. Not all of it was smiles and rainbows, but that’s life. I’m glad to have worked there over the years, and now it is time to move on.

I start my internships next week. Monday at Otterbein’s Courtright Memorial Library, and Wednesday with Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Local History & Genealogy department. I am really looking forward to both of those, and the wide variety of new experiences that will come with them.

A quiet weekend ahead. To rest, relax, and get ready for Monday. 🙂

Oh, Yeah, It’s Thursday August 20, 2015

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One down, one to go. Only one week left at B&N. Then awesome internships. Very excited.

Busy weekend with friends ahead. I almost forgot to post getting ready for it.

Went to Cedar Point again last weekend, friends had a company picnic and extra tickets. Was good fun, much more relaxed day without Fast Passes.  So very hot and humid though. Still a great day with friends.


Pants, Veggies, and Dinosaurs August 13, 2015

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Had a good visit with my parents. Mom and I went to see Minions and Jurrasic World on Sunday. They were both a lot of fun. Dad told me stories and we reminisced about old TV shows. We had our usual Red Lobster family dinner, and even watched some Golf together. Mom also insisted on the Shopping. So we got groceries and had an unexpectedly successful trip to Kohl’s, landing me three new pair of work pants for my internships.

I had a great talk with my Columbus Metropolitan Library supervisor on Monday. A lot of really fun projects coming up that I can help with. (Note: my definition of fun is Certainly different than yours… unless you are also a (digital) Librarian.) So, even more excited for September to get here.

Today, I also signed up for a local Fall CSA (New Century) that will deliver me fresh vegetables every other week for two months starting at the end of September. If it goes well, I will definitely be signing up in the spring for Summer and Fall next year. I’m really bad at getting to the store for fresh fruits and veggies. Though, as it is supposed to be for a small family, I may need help eating it all… or preserving it for winter. 🙂

Two weeks, and 8 work days left at B&N.

Vacation! August 9, 2015

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3 out of 4 parts of my vacation complete. Fourth part starts in about a half an hour when my parents arrive. It’s been a great time, so far.  Great to relax for a few days after finishing all my grad school exams. Wonderful to see high school friends again, and share their joy. And fun to see my nieces and nephew for birthday celebrations yesterday. Before I get back to the final grind at B&N, I also get to spend a couple days with my parents. 🙂 Who have made grad school possible. So grateful!

As promised, my Webdesign Final Project: http://www.CatesCreativeDesign.com

More content to come if I have time this month, and certainly this fall with my internships.

Time to finish cleaning before the parents arrive. 😉