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Parties, Policies, & Pictures September 24, 2015

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Fall Equinox earlier this week, officially time for all the pretty leaves. Looking forward to a beautiful Autumn.

Had a good party with Fleet friends last weekend. This weekend is for the relaxing. I also did a Lot of Cleaning after the fleet party. Finally shredded or filed all the papers that have been piling up since I moved in here over two years ago. My office looks so nice and clean now.

Week four at the internships, all the details will be posted in their respective blogs tomorrow, but I did a lot of good work this week at Otterbein, and got a ton of pictures, letters, and historical documents uploaded at CML.

This was also my first week of the CSA. New Century CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) brought my first batch of fresh produce Wednesday morning – in time for me to get to work by 9am no less. I got a cantalope, a seedless watermelon, a head of red and green lettuce, a zuccini, a head of garlic, a small bag of sweet potatoes, and one of white potatoes, a butternut squash and an acorn squash. I’ve eaten half the watermelon and a handful of smaller white potatoes so far. Very tasty!  I have to look up recipes for the squash, but I’m going to have a bunch of the lettuce tonight with dinner.

First Fall Cold September 17, 2015

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Internships still going well, though my posts last week were a few days late, due to busy and tired. Finally got the Annual Reports caught up, and now on to more items for the African American collection.

Received my welcome email from the CSA today. They changed my delivery day to Wednesdays. This Could be problem. They suggest leaving a cooler with ice in front of your house for the delivery, but I live in an apartment building. Originally, the delivery day was Friday, which is my day off. Hoping I’m early in the route, and can just head to work after they arrive. We shall see, first delivery is next week.

Fleet party this weekend. Looking forward to relaxing with friends. Haven’t had a local event since the early Summer picnic. Also a wedding shower to attend on Saturday. A day full of friends and chosen family.

Missed gaming this week, trying to fight off ConCrud before the weekend. Last week we made new 5th Ed characters, first time with the newest edition of D&D, to use when our GM is absent. Seems good so far. I need to flesh her out a bit. Regular game is going really well, my character is having a lot of fun. I’m slowly working on my gaming blog, getting his adventures online. It is hard to catch up when you’ve been playing for six months without blogging any of it.

Trying to be Fall September 10, 2015

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Nights are getting cooler, though days are still mostly oppressively hot. But fall is on its way. 🙂

Had a nice weekend. Hung out with friends. Wandered around Easton, including the Lego Store, Jenni’s, and at least one kitchen store. Watched OSU’s opener Monday night on a big screen with other friends. All in all, not a bad way to begin September. Much larger group gathering this weekend.

Internships are both going well, even went to a meeting with a bunch of Digital Librarian type people from all over the state on Wednesday (OhioDIG: Ohio Digital Interest Group). That was really interesting, learning about OSU’s big digital reorganization, and getting to tour the Westerville Public Library’s archives department.

Internships – Week 1 September 3, 2015

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Started both my internships this week. Really enjoying them. At Otterbein, I am working on the Digital Commons user survey, a Digital Commons Event Form, collection weeding, and website proofreading. At Columbus Metropolitan Library, I created, and began populating a digital collection of Columbus City Annual Reports, starting in 1858.

For more information on both of these internships, I am keeping blogs that will be updated each Friday. The can be found at my Website: CatesCreativeDesign.com on the Blogs page, or directly at the following links: Otterbein Courtright Memorial Library and Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Having a lot of fun in on Legacy of Heroes 2nd Edition campaign with my tiny paladin, hope to get some of his adventures blogged this weekend, too. It is such a good group of well defined, and fantastically RPed characters.

A quiet weekend ahead, I’m sure there will be much WoW, as the newest big patch dropped this week. But I have spent so much time sitting at a desk this week, that I really want to get outdoors and walk around. Maybe OhioRen‘s opening weekend. 🙂