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Parties, Policies, & Pictures September 24, 2015

Posted by Hydy in CSA, life.
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Fall Equinox earlier this week, officially time for all the pretty leaves. Looking forward to a beautiful Autumn.

Had a good party with Fleet friends last weekend. This weekend is for the relaxing. I also did a Lot of Cleaning after the fleet party. Finally shredded or filed all the papers that have been piling up since I moved in here over two years ago. My office looks so nice and clean now.

Week four at the internships, all the details will be posted in their respective blogs tomorrow, but I did a lot of good work this week at Otterbein, and got a ton of pictures, letters, and historical documents uploaded at CML.

This was also my first week of the CSA. New Century CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) brought my first batch of fresh produce Wednesday morning – in time for me to get to work by 9am no less. I got a cantalope, a seedless watermelon, a head of red and green lettuce, a zuccini, a head of garlic, a small bag of sweet potatoes, and one of white potatoes, a butternut squash and an acorn squash. I’ve eaten half the watermelon and a handful of smaller white potatoes so far. Very tasty!  I have to look up recipes for the squash, but I’m going to have a bunch of the lettuce tonight with dinner.


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