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Religion November 15, 2015

Posted by Hydy in life.
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I don’t usually do this here, but I feel moved to it today, in light of everything.
A friend railed against religion in the wake of recent tragedies. But it’s not about religion. It’s about hate and fear. Suicide bombers and gunman. IEDs and snipers. Supposed “jihadists” use religion as a mask, an excuse. Those attacked blame the entire religion – religions that espouse Love and Kindness. These people aren’t following their religions, they are acting out of hate and fear. (Yes, this is an oversimplification, but so is blaming religion.)

There are those that say we don’t need religion. That good people are good people. That if you need a higher power threatening to punish you in order to be good, you aren’t really a good person. That you shouldn’t need a God to tell you to be kind and love one another. I don’t think that’s what religion is really about. I think religion is about believing in something bigger than yourself.

Some say that it is a small mind that needs God in order to understand the universe. Others say, with all that is out there in the universe, how can there not be a Creator? I think, as human beings, we look for order and reason. It isn’t about needing an explanation, it’s about believing there is one. And that it is beyond our understanding.

Religion is about hope and love, and these are more powerful than hate and fear.


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