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Happy New Year! December 31, 2015

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It’s year in review and looking forward to the new time.


  • I am grateful to my parents who helped me to attend Grad School and earn my MLIS this year.
  • I am grateful to my professors for providing excellent classes for me to attend.
  • I am grateful to my internship supervisors for the enriching experiences they provided me.
  • I am grateful to all the professors, librarians, friends, and family who gave me advice and guidance.
  • I am grateful to my family, blood and chosen, for their support of my new path in life.
  • I am grateful to my friends for all the love and support they have shown me this year.
  • I am grateful to my doctors for helping me stay as healthy as possible.
  • I am grateful to my communities for all the wonderful times we’ve had this year.
  • I am grateful to my landlord for fixing things when asked, and for keeping the rent relatively low.
  • I am grateful to the pets in my life, current and those that passed, for their unconditional love and snuggles.
  • I am grateful to myself, for the love and support I have given me.

Next Year:

  • I will begin my new career.
  • I will write more.
  • I will continue exploring new recipes.
  • I will keep learning.
  • I will keep reading(listening to) great authors – I told HPB I would read 24 books in 2016.
  • I will watch less TV.
  • I will develop my programing skills even more.
  • I will do, experience, and love more.
  • I will take better care of me.

Happy New Year, my readers, friends, and family. May it bring you joy and peace and love.

Merry Christmas! December 24, 2015

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Holiday Party – check.

Festivus Party – check.

Yule Party – check.

Gaming Christmas on the Solstice – check.

Christmas with Family and Puppies – tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season with safe travels and all the love of friends and family.

Masters of Library and Information Science December 20, 2015

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Late in posting, sorry about that folks. On Friday, I officially graduated with my Masters of Library and Information Science from Kent State University. Hurrah!

Finally feeling mostly better from all the illness of the past two weeks. Yay!

Still submitting a few applications every week, but everyone is on holiday now. So, high hopes for news in January.

Had my first three holiday parties this past weekend. So, Merry Christmas to all!

No News is No News December 10, 2015

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Quiet week for me, fighting a cold. No word from my applications, nothing much to apply for. Another round of checking when this is done. Not a bad week, just a quiet one.

Christmas cards/presents have started to arrive – kitchen gear and money for cons. Thank You! So, I’m now officially registered for DeCon, ConCoction, and MarCon in 2016. 🙂  I think some more might be spent on movie tickets – still need to decide when I’m seeing Star Wars.

Keep on Swimming December 3, 2015

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Discovered this week that I did not get the job I was waiting to hear from, when I checked the status on their site. So two more applications out, and a lot more searching has been done. I did hear from my advisor that my internship evaluation is complete and I’m all set to graduate, so that’s excellent.

I also got a haircut: Haircut

I spent two afternoons this week learning. I took two OhioNet Webinars. The first an introduction to MARC records, and the second, an introduction to the differences that RDA brought in comparison to the old AACR2 model. Both were very well done, and informative. I think my notes were as long as the PDF of the presentation. I didn’t get into cataloging classes, so I’m making up for it on my own.

Starbase Indy was a very fun con over the weekend. Mostly spent with my Barfleet family. There was some wandering about a dealers room and an auction, with occasional peeks into panels. We, of course, also watched the UM vs OSU football game in the Lounge. Not as fun for me as it was for the rest of my friends. 😉

A relaxing weekend ahead, and lots more job applications to come, and hopefully some interviews.