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DeConpression January 14, 2016

Posted by Hydy in life, reading.
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This weekend is DeConpression 13, a relaxicon put on by a handful of my friends, that I will be attending with a whole lot of my friends. Movies, singing, coloring, cooking contest, panels, dancing, and having a bunch of fun. So looking forward to it.

On the job front, I’m getting a lot of silence. But I’m back volunteering at CML, so I’ve got something to do besides watch Netflix all day. Two more rolls of the index digitized this week. Working on my PHP skills, soon to be put to productive use. No really, I’m going to get those genealogy pages working some day, I swear. đŸ˜‰ Went to a Life Planning (death planning) class last night, and learned all about wills, and various powers of attorney, and advanced directives. So, some things to do to get my affairs in order… which will be more important when I get hired somewhere.

We have snow this week, that’s actually sticking around a few days. So, at least it’s prettier out. Finished Cold Days by Jim Butcher, and am now on Skin Game. Watched some new (to me) movies over the weekend – The Abyss, Pentagon Wars, Falling Down, and Practical Magic (turns out I hadn’t ever seen that). Finished watching Defying Gravity (why do interesting/good space shows always end too soon?) and started watching The Expanse.


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