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Moved In September 29, 2016

Posted by Hydy in life, reading.
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Well, everything is in the new place, and keys have been returned for the old place. I am officially moved in. Only about halfway through unpacking though – kitchen set up, but not the extra stuff. One bookcase filled up, but not the second. One pewter case re-installed, but not the other. Internet set up, but only one computer. Bedroom is fully set up, and all the furniture is in the right places, as well as most of the boxes, but a lot of unpacking still to do. There is, however, internet, which makes me very happy.

This weekend, though, I’m going camping. It’ll be slightly on the chilly side, possibly damp, but it will be fun, and there will be friends. And we will have a good time. 🙂  And Chili, from what I hear.

I go through M is for Magic, and this week I’m listening to Ender’s Game. With Ender’s Shadow on deck, because I’ve never read it, and I’m curious. I’ve also got a Robin Hobb book checked out because it came off my reserve list just after I got Ender downloaded. Lots to listen to.

See you next week, with photos.


1. Terri - October 1, 2016

Enjoy your new place. This must be Unofficial Chili Weekend! A friend in MA and me both made some. With cool, rainy, gray weather, it just fit.

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