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Happy 4th of July! July 4, 2019

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I have a lot of political thoughts in my head today, so I am going to keep this post short.

Life is good here in Ohio. Looking forward to seeing family at the end of the month.

Happy Birthday to Dad and Colby next week!

So much work to do before August, but enjoying my day off and heading to a picnic soon.

Ding, Tags are Done! May 19, 2019

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Busy May is Busy.

Had a great time at MarCon last weekend. Partied with friends, went to some filk, and got to meet David Gerrold. Bought one of his new books and got his signature, too.

This weekend was some more time with friends and the pets… and a Lot of quality time with a Graphotype:

Typing up 172 dogtags for the camping event this coming weekend.

Spring break at work, trying to pull together all my projects and get forward momentum into the summer semester.

All love and prayers to Dad for healing and less pain.

Also, don’t forget Sunscreen, water, and shade this summer, too many friends already ending up badly burned and/or in the hospital.

Spring or Winter February 10, 2019

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Weather shifting all over the place this week has had me feeling rather rough. Work has gone quietly, with a new coworker and one more card sort done. Tried to pick up the pace on exercise, but stomach disagreed, so have been taking it a bit easy.

Happy (belated) Birthday, nephew!

Sorry for the late and short update, hopefully more to report next week.

Happy Halloween! October 31, 2018

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I hope everyone is having a nice October. The weather here has gone cold and rainy, though slightly better for Trick or Treating tonight. I spent last weekend volunteering for Halloween parties. Then went to closing day of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Despite the weather, it was a very good time. I even attended the final Pub Sing, which was a first for me.

At work, I have begun the Usability Testing with a small handful of students, and am still trying to recruit more. This week I have two conferences, as well. Fall Ohio IR Day (Institutional Repository) and the 2018 ALAO (Academic Library Association of Ohio) annual conference.

Oh, I forgot to post about the MLK Library grand opening. It was really lovely, and I enjoyed listening to Martin Luther King III speak. The building is really well done, too. I am likely to spend some NaNoWriMo time there.

I actually listened to a book this week: Feed the Dragon by Sharon Washington. And read two volumes of Jessica Jones Alias comics and started The Wicked & The Divine volume 1.

Until next time. 🙂

Birthdays and Wedding, oh my! July 24, 2018

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So many Birthdays this week down here and around the world. Looking at you in Scotland, Marianne. One party and two dinners in the last couple of days. Plus my brother’s wedding this weekend. So much going on! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday and going to Cedar Point on Sunday.

Work is awesome. I gave another presentation today, and got compliments for it. I am spending a lot of time scanning archival materials. Cscctest.omeka.net is one of the options I am trying out.

I’m up to Skin Game in the Dresden Files, but I have also listened to M.A.S.H. ( and the Hamilton soundtrack) and am now listening to Penric’s Demon by Bujold.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Terri! January 27, 2018

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And here is my painting: 


A Week in Pictures December 18, 2017

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Long Week March 31, 2017

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Long week, full of things. Most of them were not my things, but most were crazy and/or draining. I love my friends and family, and I’m happy that I can be there for them. And I appreciate all they do for me. One of the major me things that did happen, was a friend helped me build a new gaming desktop, to put on the desk another friend had given me. So, Yay!

WordPress says this is the second time I’ve used that Post Title… I’m really surprised it hasn’t been more often. Work went alright, mostly quietly.

Finished Dune, and started Knife of Dreams on audio. If I’m not going to finish Reading it, I might as well listen to it. 🙂

Barfleet party this weekend, with More Gaming. So, I’m looking forward to that.

It’s Beginning to Look… December 15, 2016

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… a lot like Christmas. The librarian brought in garland to decorate the office today. The snow is sticking quite firmly to the ground. Parties have begun for the holidays. I’m halfway through present shopping/making and am still trying to sort out the family visit. Looking forward to seeing my nieces and nephew, and brother and sis-in-law.

My jobs are hot and cold. The library’s heat is running quite well, though I hear the A/C turned on yesterday when it got warm enough. Sprawl, however, is a bit on the chilly side. I have a space heater for my work area, and the office folk turned on the big blower in the back when they realized I was there yesterday (they didn’t have anybody on their side of the warehouse). I finished the collection I was working on, and Tomorrow I start the new collection that just arrived.

Instead of TV/Netflix at home, I’ve been binging on Dresden Files audio books again. At Sprawl, I’ve gotten through Harm None, and now I’m onto Captain’s Fury. Though, today I did watch the new Ghostbusters and the newest James Bond – Spectre. Hoping to see Rogue One this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great, and safe, holiday season.

Happy Independence Day! July 4, 2016

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With the hope that it won’t take an alien invasion to bring the world together some day soon…