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Family Visit October 18, 2012

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Went to see my brother and his three kids this weekend. Sis-in-Law is out of town most of this month for a trial. So, Rich and I went up Sunday morning to let people get out of the house to help out a church. We played pool and Legos and an Angry Bird card game. Then we ordered pizza and watch a bunch of Pink Panther, and the Barbie version of The Three Musketeers. I napped most of the afternoon while the kids all played with toys and tablets. We had a great time playing the kids, they were very well behaved while Pete was out.

Monday was a shopping day for me. Nationwide decided on my settlement for the car accident, and I used my part of it to get work clothes and a new laptop so I could give the borrowed netbook back. It’s a shiny new 15.6″ Asus, this time with warranty including accidental damage.

Still no luck on the job search front for Rich. Lots of possibilities, waiting on call backs. Lots of work and hours for me, training up the new folks to help out with the heavy stuff. I really appreciated it this week. Step by step, we’re getting holiday setup going. Can hardly wait until it’s done.

This weekend friends are getting married and the Halloween parties begin. I think I will be attending four. Busy seasons.

Brithday Week July 26, 2012

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Last Thursday we went to the Batman marathon at a theater in the southwest corner of town. There were only about 20 of us in the arena-style room, and no little ones. They gave us free small popcorn vouchers, too. I stayed awake for the first two movies, and only slept during Bane’s takeover of Gotham in the third. I like Batman, so I enjoyed my evening very much. Though, I think Vinnie is right, a bit too much Bruce Wayne and not enough Batman. But we had junk food and a fun night out.

Had a quiet couple of days and then went to see my brother’s family and new house. They found a really nice place. Kids all get their own rooms, and a basement to play in. The got me a cake, with candles and singing and everything. It was very sweet. We played an Angry Birds card and dice game and a round of Uno with plastic cards. A nice afternoon with family.

Spent time with friends the last couple days, hanging out, having fun. Gaming on my birthday was a lot of fun, cured the Roman Empire and then took power away from the senate. This coming weekend is now the Cedar Point trip, that will be a blast. Still trying to figure out when King’s Island can happen.

It’s been a good week of birthday celebrations. I am well loved.

Moving Saturday June 24, 2011

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Um, yeah, that’s pretty much been my life this past week. Getting ready for the move on Saturday. Boxes, boxes everywhere. I took down the bookcases today. Somehow my 7/16s ratchet disappeared. Got a new one, all better. Truck rented so it can all be made in one trip. Friends recruited so we don’t break ourselves. And a schedule ready to get things done. Now, just the last minute things and the kitchen tomorrow and all is set to go. 🙂

Then I get to spend a few days Cleaning. Yes, my life is quite exciting in the day time. At least my evenings are filled with friends and loved ones.
Oh, and Angry Birds. I still can’t get three stars on lvl 2-12, but at least it plays a lot easier in the Google Chrome browser.