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Work From Home March 19, 2020

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My library is now physically closed and we are working to setup virtual supportfor our students when they return to online classes next week. This has meant learning new technology, and various tickets into our IT department for the things I could not troubleshoot myself. It’s been a hectic week, and chat hasn’t even been approved yet.

On the home (office) front, I’ve bought a seat cushion/lumbar support set. It arrived very quickly, and is certainly a step up from two pillows, and cheaper than a new chair.

We also ran our D&D game on Google Hangouts this week. A bit of lag here and there, but an overall success.

A lot of people are putting out free media online. From performances, to virtual conventions, to cooking lessons and exercise routines. My favorite came for Gail Simone over the weekend.

Starting on Friday, @GailSimone ran a comics writing bootcamp, she called #ComicsSchool. In six days, she helped over a thousand creatives, including myself, write a script for a 5-8 page comic. A Discord server was created by one of the attendees, as a place for us all to gather, socialize and give each other feedback and support. That community will keep going and growing. It even got a mention in the New York Times.

In book news, I’m listening to The Library of the Unwritten, but with self-quarantining, I have a lot less car time. I do, however, have all my comics to catch up on, and Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount showed up on Tuesday.

Be safe everyone!

Ready to Go August 13, 2019

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I had a great time at GenCon. My presentation at OPAL was a success. My brain is full thrust into my next adventure.

My apologies for the radio silence, but it likely won’t get better until September. I’ll try to post a photo or two here as I go, but the majority won’t be up until I get back.

In the meantime, I’ve colored in a few of the sketches I did earlier this year. Enjoy!

It’s almost WorldCon!

Projects June 29, 2019

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Spent my morning helping a dear friend move to a new house. Then finally finished fixing my dryer. Yesterday, I laid out my rows for my skirt project, and tonight, I’ll be setting up my new sewing machine to put it all together. First, though, all the laundry ever.

I still have a lot of projects in the works: framing art prints, painting minis and a dice tower, and writing/blogging projects, and drawing projects. All of which is making me wish I had a proper space to do them.

Case in point, laying out skirt rows on an afghan and yoga mat on my living room floor:

Yes, the skirt will be a ridiculous riot of colors and patterns.

Work is going well. I worked a lot on my paper this week, and some file organization. And I led a class through career search/exploration websites. I’m giving another class a library tour this coming week. I’ve got one conference this month and one next month. A busy, busy summer.

Looking forward to my eye appointment and getting a proper prescription soon. And August, forever looking forward to August. So excited for all the travel and things!

In books, I finished Creativity, Inc. and Vinas Solamnus, and listened to Audible Original – You Do You: Proud to be Fabulous, and now I’m on to Ender’s Game Alive, a radio play version of the book. It’s really well done. In media, I finally got to see Into the Spiderverse thanks to Netflix. I really liked it, but the warnings are very true, lots of flashy ‘lights,’ so beware. I’ve also been playing Wizard’s Unite, the new Harry Potter AR game, and it’s fun, though time consuming if you let it be.

Edit: Set up a bigger table:

ConCoction March 1, 2019

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Heading to a convention soon. Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing with friends. May do some writing, I have a story that is poking my brain a bit today. Otherwise, planning to hang out, maybe play some games.

Had my final usability test this week, and it was a really good one. Excited to move forward with gathering all the data together and making a plan with the team. We have Spring Break coming up in a couple weeks, but it doesn’t change my calendar.

Still working my way through Girl of Paper and Fire in audiobooks. I’ve read a bunch of Ms. Marvel comics in preparation for the movie, as well as Umbrella Academy in prep for the Netflix show. This week’s art lesson was the full body, but I won’t be showing that here, it was challenging.

Origins, Zag Day and The Old Ones June 29, 2009

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This past week(end) was Origins Game Fair. I spent Wednesday night and all day Saturday and Sunday volunteering for the Art Show. We had some really great artists and lots of really gorgeous art work. I helped the end of set up, and then most of tear down, and in between, I worked the bag check table. Yes, you really have to leave all your bags here, yes, even your purse. No, you cannot take your camera into the art show. We had art ranging from magnets to stickers to CCGs to massive framed paintings to handmade chain mail. One of my favorite pieces was a Shadowrun piece from Catalyst Game Labs. It was a young woman sitting on some stairs and reminded me of a drawing of a rogue elf I once used as an avatar. But there were also lots of adorable dragons and lots of other fun game-related art. Some day I will go to a convention with Money in my pocket and get to buy something that catches my eye. I made a whirlwind tour of the exhibit hall on my Sunday Lunch break, but didn’t bother to really look at anything given the no money. I still had a great time, though. Still got to hang out with friends and help out friends. It was a good weekend.

And the weekend was extended into Monday for me, my Zag day. I Started Zag day at 6pm on Sunday evening. The artists brought us Chocolate Chip Cookies on Saturday, and I didn’t touch them. But then Popcorn appeared on Sunday, Carmel and Kettle in a tin. And I just could not wait for dinner, so I started an hour early, chowing down on Carmel Corn. Then Mike and Jenica took me to Quaker Steak and Lube, where I had Unleaded Strawberry Lube-n-Ade, Deep Fried Onion Rings, Traditional Bavarian Pretzels, and a mixed greens salad topped with boneless Asian Sesame “wings.” After dinner we went on a quest for Newman’s Own Ginger-Os that took us to two different stores, and picked up Banana Strawberry Naked juice along the way. Went home and watched Religulous and ate said cookies and juice. Dessert was good, the movie was nothing I hadn’t already heard. Got up in the morning, came home and had European Round Loaf and Soy butter for breakfast. Went out and got Cheesy Bread and a large ground beef and bacon pizza from Papa Murphy’s. I could only manage two pieces of pizza and about the equivalent amount of cheesy bread. Dinner was McDonald’s Quarter Hamburger value meal with Hi-C because things didn’t go as planned, and I only ate about half of that, too. But all in all, it was a good Zag day. I didn’t get sick, and I enjoyed taking a short break from being alkaline. Next one: my 29th birthday.

In other news, I wrote a story in the last week and typed it up today. Edited it and sent it out to L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. It’s a strange little piece, but then, when do I ever write anything that isn’t?