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One Month In July 28, 2011

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We’ve been in the new place for a month now, still not decorated and the electronics aren’t all set up yet, but we’re getting there. It’s nice and cozy with just a little bit of clutter. Got a bunch of books for my birthday to fill up partial collections (Thank, Gale and Larry). Got an awesome papasan for the library. It’s so soft and fluffy! Slightly noisy neighbors, but mostly just during the day, so no big deal there. And the maintenance guy has fixed everything we’ve asked him to. I have to make one more request, but it’s minor, so I’m not worried about it yet.

As for work, we’re rearranging the Entire store, so I’ve got a lot more hours as the regular workers are pulling all-nighters. So that’ll help balance the budget after moving expenses ran a little high. No FTP details, and my educator friend is taking a well-earned and much needed vacation this week, so no updates on other fronts.

On a geeky level, we’re still polishing up The Legacy of Heroes for August publication. Next week is maximum level characters, just to go all out and see what happens. I started work on two character concepts yesterday, because I couldn’t choose between them. The amount of customization in this new system is just fantastic.

On a health level, pretty much maintaining at this point. I’m not feeling substantially better, yet, for the first month of drugs, but I’m not feeling worse for the slightly deteriorating eating habits.  I’m not maintaining the 80% alkaline anymore, but in general my eating habits are far better than they used to be, and I don’t eat much junk food aside from chocolate. And I do aim for the darkest I can find. Finding a balance, but still hoping to hit a slightly higher plateau than this.


Is it worth it? June 20, 2009

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So, it’s only been two and a half weeks, and I’m wondering, is it worth it? I have no problems with the fact that I need to eat Better food. I mean, before I started doing this, green things were only an Occasional part of my diet. Granted, they’d become a more present part lately, but still, I didn’t generally have them at home, certainly not every day. So yeah, I get that I need to eat better.

But the last couple days there have been cookies at work, and I admit to eating a few crumbs(maybe half a cookie total), but it got me thinking. I want to enjoy life, not deprive myself of things I want. I want to be healthier, that was the whole point of this change, but not at the expense of happiness. I still intend to give it a full month before making any changes, but I’m pretty sure at this point that there will be changes. So I’ll finish this detox-ish month and see where to go from there.

I don’t want to feel guilty for occasionally wanting a cookie. Or for wanting to eat some regular, homemade, not chemically processed bread. I don’t want to have to pay ten times the price for a box of pasta, but I’m okay with not eating a Lot of pasta. And fruit, I really think I ought not feel guilty about eating fresh fruit.

I do think I should avoid the things that upset my stomach, keep away from dairy and eggs, and ham and peanut butter. I’m considering seeing if almond butter or some such is a good substitute.  I do think I should stay away from processed foods with ingredients I cannot pronounce and not eat a Lot of sugar. I do think I should continue to buy fresh green things, and eat salads and veggies as a bigger portion of my meals. But there has to be a balance.