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No Snow for Ohio January 28, 2016

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The blizzard all went south and east of here, but we still got the cold. Fortunately, my furnace was successfully installed on Friday, and I even got a cool, programmable thermostat out of the deal. Though AT&T cut out for about 26 hours around that time, too. Just to finish off the crazy week in appropriate fashion.

Finished Skin Game by James Butcher, now I’m on Side Jobs – a collection of shorter works. I ordered The Wandering Fire through my library, so I now have that to get on with, as well. Also grabbed a book on Programming Perl to take a look at. Just keep learning.

My car is behaving since it got fixed. Except for the driver’s headlight. Bought a new one, but couldn’t get the cap open to change it… but then it came back on anyway. Ah, old wiring… I’ll have to get it looked at when I get the waterpump looked at.

Busy weekend ahead. Travel, friends, family, and all the usual.

Happy Valentine’s Day! February 15, 2015

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Hope everyone had a good day, whether celebrating, or not. At the very least, I hope everyone had a Safe day. The sudden blizzard was pretty terrible for people driving. It also made work pretty quiet.

Belated Happy Birthday to Uncle John, his birthday was nearly a week ago, as I’m very late in posting this week.

School is good. This was the second week of a session, so everything was already posted. The new workshop went really well for the first week. Looks like it’s going be fun. Next class starts Monday, too. Busy, busy, busy.

Had a great time going out to the movies with friends last night.