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Autumn Chill in the Air October 23, 2014

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And apparently a partial solar eclipse today, too. πŸ™‚

Homework that is due this week is officially complete. I still have project work to do for the project that is due end of next week, but probably won’t work on that until the weekend. Just one more week of Intro to Digital Preservation to go!

Brain is just about as fried as my body. Work was rough today. 210 boxes in the door, I had to stack them all up to start, and then receive and move 120 of them. So much fun. But I’m learning new things about receiving. That’s good, right? Another day at it tomorrow.

Had a great time last week at the first party of the Halloween season. This weekend is party two, and then three in a row next week! Β Also had a great time seeing Marianne and Daniel in from Scotland, and catching up with a bunch of local college friends to boot! Was very good to see them all, I haven’t even made it over to Denison lately.

Finally made it to gaming two weeks in a row, and I’m really getting invested in my character for the first time in Months! And then she nearly died last night, too. But they saved me. πŸ™‚ So many good books lately, too. Really enjoying In the Net of Dreams and Where Dreams Collide this week.

Still Packing June 16, 2011

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Office is fully packed Including the junk closet. Bathroom is half packed and the bedroom has a couple boxes out of it. Some stuff has been thrown out, some has been donated, some sold for a pittance. A bag of donation clothes is forming in the hallway as well. My note about getting someone to cover my shift is gone, so I’ll call a couple possibles tomorrow. Hours are good, but getting the keys before everyone is sitting around waiting with a truck full of stuff would be better. People have donated tons of boxes, I think I might have enough at this point. We’ll see. Excited for the move, but still a lot to do.

Lovely picnic with friends this weekend. Smoked brisket and pulled pork and a deep fried turkey. Delicious. And the weather was nice this year. I even managed not to get a sunburn.

Father’s day is coming up. Thank you, Dad, for always being there and being understanding.

Oh! Went to the doc, got back on Plaquenil and Naproxen. She was impressed, but we’re gonna try to get me up that last little bit to great.

So much to do, I can’t stay focused to write much more. I don’t think next week is going to be any better. πŸ˜‰

MarCon and Moving June 2, 2011

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Toga party went really well on Friday. I’m still waiting on pictures of my outfit. We had a nice big crowd both nights. The dance contest was a success as well, with three great contestants. Not sure if chaos twister ever happened, but the drinks were tasty, the music good and everyone had a wonderful time. We had a huge crew there, and pack in, setups and pack out all went quickly and smoothly. Our Bob’s, however, was all boarded up, but IHOP took very good care of us instead.

It’s June now, time to buckle down and get packing. I’ve made a list of all the places I need to change our address with. It’s a pretty huge list. Mom brought me a bunch of boxes, and we’re gonna need tons more.Yay for B&N and liquor stores. I think all the boxes we had two years ago went out to friends. If anyone still has some, donations are welcome.

I’ve started an official event for the move an invited lots of people to come help. Naturally when I went to work today, for the first time since the holidays, they had the schedule posted a month out and I’m working 7-11 that morning. Ah well, they can lift heavy furniture without me. πŸ˜‰Β  I’ll be home in time for the boxes.

After the move, I think, I’m actually going to take the time to put stuff up on eBay. Before we move would be ideal, but I don’t think that I’m going to have the time. June project – Moving. July project – Ebay. Probably won’t get started on my computer studies until that’s all taken care of. Maybe I can work on designing my course of study during this time when I get tired of packing, moving, unpacking, selling and mailing.