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Aftermath January 10, 2013

Posted by Hydy in life.
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The store is a half-empty disaster. And distribution knows it. We are getting ridiculous shipments to restock the shelves, while also trying to change out every table, bay and endcap in the store. Not even time to start zoning again yet. I’m always surprised right now if a book is actually where it’s supposed to be on the shelf. But we’re getting there. This is my break week. I’m only working two days, so recovering from the holidays.

Coming up are some really busy weekends. Two conventions in three weeks, then my nephew’s birthday. Other friends have a third convention in the middle, but I’m skipping that one. Thanks to my parents and my in-laws for Christmas money to afford the tickets to both the ones I’m going to. 🙂  Ended up getting some Broadway soundtracks with the leftovers. Rich got a new bluray player, since the PS3 is still broken, so we can watch our collection again. 🙂

Not much else going on. Just recovering from the holidays and getting ready for the usual stream of events.