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Caerphilly June 22, 2014

Posted by Hydy in photos.
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Model of Caerphilly Castle

This model sits out in front of the castle.

The next few are from various points around the castle. It is rather huge.

One corner of the castle

One side of the castle

Coming around the front of the castle

Another corner of the castle

Over the wall into the castle

Next are the seige weaponry. During festivals they fire them.

Ballista overlooking the moat

Three siege engines

And finally, lots of various interesting bits inside the castle.


Drawbridge and K

K heading across the drawbridge toward the gate.

Tilted wall and statue

Odd statue holding up a tilting wall.

Interior room with fireplace and tapestry


Secret passage

Not so secret hall way behind the main rooms.

Grand Hall.

Grand hall, available for weddings.

Quiet garden

Interior wall


Outer Wall

Wall that various teenagers kept climbing up into

Moat and hills Caerphilly town Town and hills outside the castle.