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So Busy! October 3, 2013

Posted by Hydy in grad school, life.
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Started my next class this week. So much reading – between the assignments and the bios, and the discussion groups. But I like the class, and the professor – she actually replied to our bios, unlike the previous two. Got an A in the Success in MLIS class. The group project in the Tech class is nearing completion. This week is scholarly resources, and then we’re on to summaries and evaluations. Due on Halloween. All assignments done for this week – this weekend’s assignment – scholarship applications.

Birthdays galore this week. Including my Uncle David. Happy Birthday to all!!! I get to snuggle the puppy for a few hours tomorrow as some birthday celebrators head up to NIN concert in Cleveland. Hope they all have fun, too.

Went to a Career Expo tonight, and got lots of advice on getting experience, networking and portfolio building. Talked to a lot of people from interesting organizations, from EBSCO to ARMA to OhioNet to the Society of Ohio Archivists. Not to mention the OLC, the OCLC, co-asis&t, Muskingum University and Upper Arlington Library. It was a really great time, though I wish the presenters had not disappeared, there were a couple I wanted to talk to that I could not find after the panel was done. I did not, however, meet any of my classmates, must get better at being social.