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Learning New Things January 24, 2013

Posted by Hydy in life.
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Spent some time this week learning about Joomla! with a friend who was creating a new website. Read my copy of Joomla! for Dummies on the nook ereader app on my laptop. It worked alright, except for the comic at the beginning of each chapter didn’t show the bottom half, and therefore the punchline. Joomla! is interesting. I’ve got some more work to do with it before I pass final judgement, but setting up a site seems overly complicated, though, because of that, site maintenance, updating and organization seems like it will be better and more controllable than WP. Also not keen on the percentage of plugin-type things that cost money. Yet another reason to learn more programming myself.

Birthdays coming up. Aunt Terri, have a Happy Birthday on Sunday!  My nephew is early next month. Still haven’t decided what to get him. Maybe some more erector sets, or legos. I don’t know much about chapter books, and he already has all the Magic Tree House ones. Maybe A-Z Mysteries…

Had a convention this past weekend. Nice, quiet and relaxing, as it was meant to be. Went to a couple panels run by friends, didn’t heckle… I mean help, too much. Just relaxed and hung out a lot. Danced and sang a little at the party to some familiar songs. And cheered with the rest when it was announced they’d made enough money to have the convention again next year.