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ConCoction March 1, 2019

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Heading to a convention soon. Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing with friends. May do some writing, I have a story that is poking my brain a bit today. Otherwise, planning to hang out, maybe play some games.

Had my final usability test this week, and it was a really good one. Excited to move forward with gathering all the data together and making a plan with the team. We have Spring Break coming up in a couple weeks, but it doesn’t change my calendar.

Still working my way through Girl of Paper and Fire in audiobooks. I’ve read a bunch of Ms. Marvel comics in preparation for the movie, as well as Umbrella Academy in prep for the Netflix show. This week’s art lesson was the full body, but I won’t be showing that here, it was challenging.

March Forth March 5, 2018

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It’s been a fairly quiet week. Helped with more flood clean-up. Got a bit further in our D&D game. And my Sunday shift at MLK. I also went skating yesterday, and thanks to trying to learn turn-stops, my legs are super angry at me. But other than a lot of accidental splits turn falls, it went pretty well.

Another step on the job trail. Fingers keeping crossed. Was hoping to go to a convention next weekend, but looks like it’s not happening, unless I just go for part of a day. But it’s a long drive.

Most of the way through Blood Rites. Added a few more things to my Want to Read list. But everything’s on Waitlist.

First Week March 17, 2016

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First week of training with Safelite. Learning all the things about Auto Glass. All the different kinds of glass in a vehicle. And auto glass claims. Deductibles and repairs and replacements, oh my. Going alright, but it’s a new power point for our teacher, and my fellow trainees have lots of questions, so we’re about 20 pages behind. ย No big deal, hopefully. Did some observation today, lots of hail in Texas this morning.

Had a great time last weekend at Cleveland Concoction. All the usual Fleet stuff, and hung out in the game room, helping out with the Play to Win envelopes. It was a good time seeing friends from all over the eastern US. Even had the New England Captain out to visit.ย The usual fun with friends this weekend.

Finished The Rolling Stones and well into Stranger in a Strange Land. Both are excellent, with really good narration. ๐Ÿ™‚

Firefox and Food Experiments March 12, 2015

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I uninstalled Chrome again last night. Tired of windows popping up unbidden, so I’m back to Firefox for now. Hopefully that will solve the issue for a while. More scanning to follow.

Made myself a chicken and pineapple not-so-flatbread for dinner tonight. I wanted BBQ Chicken pizza, but not having BBQ sauce, nor cheese… nor pizza dough or yeast… I made the base out of Bisquick and just put chunks of pineapple and cooked chicken on top. Cooked for 15 minutes. It wasn’t bad, a little sauce would have helped, though.

Most of my homework done for the week. I have some replies to do yet, and a case study to summarize and analyze tonight. I also have my final PHP/MySQL project to do, but I have a few weeks to turn that one in, if I don’t manage it this weekend.

ConCoction this weekend. It should be a blast. ๐Ÿ™‚

Busy Month! May 8, 2014

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So, this week starts the crazy. I’m pre-writing this to post on Thursday because I won’t be home. This weekend is MARCon here in Columbus and I will be there starting when I get off work on Thursday until Sunday lunch-time. We are hosting three nights in a row, should be a great time. Perfect for my May break from school.

Then, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

The following weekend are events with friends and family. And the weekend after that is camping from Thursday through Monday, homework-load dependent. I still haven’t heard from the professor yet about anything, including the book, but I got the one every other management class has used, and am just hoping that for a three week class, he doesn’t expect us to buy multiple. The weekend after that, I’m staying home for pet sitting while everyone else heads to Cleveland for Concoction. Which should be awesome for them, and homework time for me.

All A’s again this semester. Yay, fun. Looking forward to learning more cool stuff this summer and fall. I’ve become slightly obsessed with database design since taking my database driven website class, and learning the basics of SQL. Yay organization. ๐Ÿ™‚