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Con (Crud) Season January 22, 2015

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Fighting a cold this week, thanks DeCon. 😉  It was a good weekend hanging out with friends and relaxing. Watched a bit of Labyrinth and Princess Bride. Played some Cards. Learned some new trivia and old.

I like my Information class so far. We’re learning to play with Excel and IF statements. So far, so good, if due dates are a little confusing again. But it’ll all sort out, she gave us a good check list to help keep track. And transcripts of the videos, which always help.

Watching M.A.S.H. the movie as I type this. I knew the opening song was depressing, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard it before… :/  Odd movie night for me. Just watched Mean Girls, because a few friends said I ought to see that. Not bad for a high school flick.

Learned some things about waffles today. Gotta make sure the iron is well oiled, ended up with cooked waffle batter stuck to both sides of the iron, and a plateful of pancakes instead. Learned I can good pancakes alright, though, first time for everything.

Feeling Better January 27, 2011

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I missed last week because of the Con Crud.  The con itself was an amazingly good time. Friends and fun and food. We all hung out and relaxed and partied. But the following week, we ALL got sick. And I do mean all. I don’t know who brought the flu to the con, but pretty much everyone I know that attended, with a couple rare exceptions, ended up sick during the following week.

I had a fever ranging up to 102.8, headache, nasty cough, runny nose and all. I have gotten rid of most of that, except the cough. It is persisting, so I went to the doctor today to get antibiotics to kick it the rest of the way out. Normally I wouldn’t but normally, I’d also let it hang around for a month. Thought I’d like to get rid of it faster this time.

Read a couple books while I was sick. Now on the third book of the Ultimate Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. It might have amused me a little too much to begin reading it on a nook, but I am a geek. Watched the BBC miniseries of it last week, as well. Very amusing.

Work is odd. Must get back in gear on Elance again. Healthy first, then back to the grindstone. To live the life I want, effort must be made.