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May Days May 3, 2020

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We welcome May with beautiful weather, though it isn’t going to last past the weekend. I had a lovely walk yesterday to pay rent, check mail, and take out the trash. Cooler today, but I’m leaving the windows open until it starts to rain. It’s a spring cleaning weekend, and I want as much fresh air in the house as possible.

Being stuck in the house is a definite motivator to clean it on a regular basis. But it also makes me want to buy things. Organizational things (I’ve started using shoeboxes), computer things (a 1080 monitor), creativity things (resisted so far, but more paint and glue are calling), dice and gaming things, and art. These last couple from creators trying to make a living in this mess without their normal conventions to sell their wares. The stimulus has made this harder to resist, but I did but most of it away for my condo dream.

Ohio is on a slow reopen path now. Outpatient Medical things are now available. Curbside otr appointment for more retail this weekend. Offices and manufacturing that can follow guidelines can open Monday. And the rest of retail, following guidelines, on the 12th. All the while, our “safer at home” order stays in effect, with no large gatherings, travel only to these allowed businesses, and the strong suggestion that you wear a mask at all times outside your home, if you are able. We still have a long way to go, friends. Be safe, and respect all those who have continued working through all of this. We have to do better for them all.

Five Weeks April 19, 2020

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Jester and The Traveler
Caleb with his octopus familiar

Same old same old. I just completed week five from home. Friends dropped off a wheat soda bread and a cinnamon roll as a treat this weekend. Tomorrow, more art arrives, and maybe some beautifully crafted wood later this week.

We have two weeks left of this semester, plus finals week as the state begins looking at opening up. I look forward to working from home as much as possible this summer, as courses stay online. I wish all the luck to our graduating students, this is going to be a rough start.

Work From Home March 19, 2020

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My library is now physically closed and we are working to setup virtual support for our students when they return to online classes next week. This has meant learning new technology, and various tickets into our IT department for the things I could not troubleshoot myself. It’s been a hectic week, and chat hasn’t even been approved yet.

On the home (office) front, I’ve bought a seat cushion/lumbar support set. It arrived very quickly, and is certainly a step up from two pillows, and cheaper than a new chair.

We also ran our D&D game on Google Hangouts this week. A bit of lag here and there, but an overall success.

A lot of people are putting out free media online. From performances, to virtual conventions, to cooking lessons and exercise routines. My favorite came for Gail Simone over the weekend.

Starting on Friday, @GailSimone ran a comics writing bootcamp, she called #ComicsSchool. In six days, she helped over a thousand creatives, including myself, write a script for a 5-8 page comic. A Discord server was created by one of the attendees, as a place for us all to gather, socialize and give each other feedback and support. That community will keep going and growing. It even got a mention in the New York Times.

In book news, I’m listening to The Library of the Unwritten, but with self-quarantining, I have a lot less car time. I do, however, have all my comics to catch up on, and Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount showed up on Tuesday.

Be safe everyone!