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Headache Day Two April 24, 2014

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Not feeling well, so this’ll be a short post.

Finished my Database Driven Websites workshop on Sunday, got 100% on it. Was fun, learned new things. Learned even more new things about databases the next day. Yay databases!

One more week plus a couple days for my Organization class. Semester nearly complete!

Need to take time for me this weekend, stressing out too much over things I cannot control.

Got new meds from the doc this week, too. Sulfasalazine (generic of Azulfidine) and a anti-inflammatory compound. We shall see if these help.

How is it almost May already?

April Showers April 3, 2014

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A wet and windy week here in Ohio. Much better than the ice and snow folks are getting way up north. So, I’ll take it.

Had a great time celebrating a birthday with friends this past weekend. Pub food and card games made for an excellent night. Did some sewing with another friend on Sunday. Was nice and relaxing.

Went to a Digitization Interest Group meeting on Monday. Met a good handful of people and listened to a couple really interesting presentations. Yay, networking!

Started our new Undermountain campaign last night, with brand new characters. We’re testing out the latest revision of Legacy of Heroes. Might have a Skeeter-narrated post soon about that.

This weekend is our April party – board game themed in honor of national board game day ion Saturday. So, spending the weekend setting up, having fun and cleaning up.

Registered for two of my fall classes on Sunday night, as well. The fall workshops aren’t listed yet, so waiting on that. Looks like one of my classes is the full 15 weeks, and the other is the usual 10.

Down to one class for these first couple weeks of April, then my database website workshop. The syllabus looks interesting – almost all new stuff for me to learn about. 🙂