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Wild Weather = Angry Sinuses March 26, 2015

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Snow one day, 60 degrees the next, and then freezing and snow again by end of week. This weather is driving my head and sinuses crazy. I even took a half day today. The wrong half, apparently, as a hazmat spill made my drive home three times as long at end of day. I had fun with it though and drove through Sunbury and Johnstown on my way home. (For those playing the home game, that was 71N to 36/37E to 161W.)

I had intended to do some homework this week, despite spring break, but plans and exhaustion have kept me from working too hard. Probably will pick it up again on Saturday. Really want to at least get my web final done Saturday before I go to a couple birthday parties.

Play-Testing of Legacy of Heroes 2 is going really well. The party is now split into three groups, and no one has died yet. Which is pretty impressive for a lvl 1 party. Nearly done with Book 4 of War Against the Chtorr series, Really enjoying it. Soon to be joining the fans impatiently waiting for decades for the final book. I’m looking at you David Gerrold…

For all my friends and family who read these blog (and pass it on to those who don’t), I love you, and appreciate having you in my life, whether nearby or around the globe.

Rain Snow and Ice January 29, 2015

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Had a great weekend down in Cincinnati meeting new people, learning new things, eating good food. This is my weekend off between cons, so I’m spending it relaxing… and possibly bowling, or maybe just cheering.

Class work was pretty quick this week, too. More fun with Excel. Getting all the basics down before we get into the meat of the class. Two more weeks until I start my second class. So, I’ll enjoy the slow pace while it lasts.

Still reading Kushiel’s Dart (did I mention it’s really long). But have also started Book 3 of War with the Chtorr. Book five, which had been on the coming soon list at B&N, is now back out of the system… again. Ah well, most people said it was a false hope.

Cold Camping October 9, 2014

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Was still a lot of fun. There was plenty of hot cider, and only one bee all weekend. The fire was awesome and hot, as we burned most of an ash tree that they had cut down for us (already dead). There were s’mores, and hotdogs, and pie-iron pizzas. We even had birthday cake and giant camp chairs for two. It was a good weekend of relaxing with friends.

Week 7 of the semester. I have the group project ball this week. Get to make a Workflow document, wee fun! Lots of work still to do, but I have tomorrow off to finish up. All is going well, glad I’m in the group I am. Everyone works really hard.

My three-day work weeks start next week. I really have to sort out another job. Anybody want to hire me as their personal librarian? 😉 Reading/math/computer tutor? I think I volunteered to work Black Friday again this year, but she said I could have Saturday off, so there’s that.

I’m about halfway through the second book in the David Gerrold War with the Chtorr series… and then I’ll have to move on to one of the other four books I’m borrowing, because he only lent me two of the four books… who does that? 😉  Oh, right, someone who wants to introduce me to four different authors I’ve never read… Enjoying it, anyway. Will have to get the rest… My “to read” book stack is currently sitting at ten, I think. Wee! December is going to be full of reading under big fluffy blankets.