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Stormy June June 18, 2015

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All the rain lately. At least it’s fairly warm. Warm rain is nice to play in. If not drive in.

Internships mostly set for the fall. Just a few details left to sort with CML. Scheduling manager notified – but I haven’t written the official letter, yet. Going to be working on improving the Otterbein Institutional Repository. So, that should be a really good project. ¬†Really need to get the rest of the paperwork to my advisor tomorrow.

Not as far into homework as I planned to be at this point, this week. But I’ve Friday afternoon and all day Saturday to finish it up. Life and exhaustion happened.

A friend passed this week. Prayers and thoughts with his family and everyone who knew him.

Back to Normal July 1, 2010

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Rich got out of the hospital on Monday and will be returning to work tomorrow. That puts a lot of things back on track for us. He is back to healing. Our schedules can go back to our usual routines. Paychecks will be coming in as expected. We can get back to looking at car selling/buying and career advancement.

Bookup is starting the new membership launch as I type this. Everything isn’t perfect, but the forum and the membership site is ready for the first wave to enter. Our Professional members first, and then, hopefully with a few bugs caught and squished, the rest of our members tomorrow. He has also added a new chess engine to the program for analysis, that he is very excited about.

I’ve been thinking about my writing a lot lately, and my reading. Lately, I read books for information and I write about my life. I used to read and write for escape, but I find that I am far more satisfied and happy with my life than I ever have been. Nothing is perfect, there are big stresses and little stresses, but I am Happy, with my life, and myself.¬† Does this mean I won’t write any more fiction, stories about rogues and vampires and death? Not necessarily, but right now, my focus is on other things.

Life is good.