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Pirates at DeCon January 16, 2019

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The semester has started and the students and winter have returned in full force. Icy mornings, and full computer banks fill my days.

This coming weekend is also DeCon, in a new hotel. And we will be full of Pirates. We have a pirate family coming, and our very own pirate artist as Guest of Honor, along with our usual shenanigans.

On a creative note, I have restarted my gaming blog, and added my NaNo project, planning to put a lot of my new writing online. This time as a separate account at WordPress: Ravonlocke.

Watching: I am up to Episode 75 of Critical Role, campaign one. Listening: I finished Mask of Shadows and started Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. Reading: I have moved on to Locke and Key v. 2, and read DIE Issue 1, a D&D + Jumanji mashup. Looking forward to A Darkened Wish. I did read the first volume of Saga over the holidays, and bought a bunch of comics on sale. And finally figured out that Chronicles of Atlantis is an Aquaman comic. (This is how little I knew before The Wednesday Club.) There is just So Much.

DeCon Weekend January 13, 2018

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We all made it to the hotel safely. Having good music, good food, and good fun. Later today games on the lido deck with the Captain.

Work is going along quietly now with the kids back in school. Lots of events starting today to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr and Black History Month.

No word on jobs yet. Pretty sure I didn’t get the one. Waiting for interview requests on the rest.

Reading Mists of Avalon (Bradley) and Green Rider(Britain ) I had to stop Mists because I was getting annoyed with the women.

DeCon is Here January 13, 2017

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Sorry about the late post, I spent yesterday working, and moving gear into the DeCon hotel. It’s going to be a lovely weekend relaxing and partying with friends. I had a great time last weekend watching musicals with friends, as well. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful life and great friends.

Work moves along at it’s usual pace. Fingers crossed for a big change soon. But the library continues to find new ways to serve our customers, this year the focus is on, not what we think they want, but finding out what they Really want.

Started into Callahan’s Chronicles this week, while waiting on the hold lists. Finished White Night, and am now into Small Favor on the Dresden front.

Right now, I’m waiting for lunch to finish cooking so I can eat and get out to DeCon. πŸ™‚

New Year 2017 January 5, 2017

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Had a nice quiet long weekend and played Lots of new boardgames. I’m not even sure I remember them all, let’s see: Star Wars:Rebellion, Lords of Waterdeep, Tsuro, Pandemic, Star Trek: Five-Year Mission, The Game of 99, and Run for Your Life, Candyman. Β It was a nice way to ring out the old and in the new year.

Finished Princep’s Fury, and Proven Guilty and am waiting for First Lord’s Fury to become available – last book in the Codex Alera series, and am listening to White Night at home. I’m on the Dune waitlist, too. Figure I should at least give it a try.

Two pre-interview rejections on the job front. One interview next week, and one more application waiting. Looking, looking, looking. Full time needed as soon as I can manage.

Life’s pretty good, all in all. Getting together with friends this weekend, and DeCon next weekend. πŸ™‚